Live In Your Zone Of Genius with Sarah Fruehling

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“Let’s lean into our edge together, celebrate the fullness of who we are, and support each and every one of us embracing our true zone of genius.”

In this episode, we speak about embracing our zone of genius, so we can be the best version of ourselves. As leaders, we have a lot on our plate; and most of the time, the pressure is much greater on us.

It is important to seek help when needed so we can navigate difficult situations which we do not have to do by ourselves. My guest today offers a very enlightening insight into helping ourselves so we can live life in our zones of genius and become more effective at what we do, and become happier as well in our personal lives.


Sarah Fruehling, Founder and CEO of Fruehling Coaching and Facilitation, is on a mission to help brilliant leaders, influencers, and the top 1% fulfill their highest calling as impact leaders. Her clients transform to live in their zone of genius so they experience an upward spiral of evolution and growth that leads to true financial freedom, time freedom, and unlocks their passion.

Sarah helps her clients achieve their deepest desires and greatest goals with a unique coaching style that draws on her dynamic duo of accountability and insight. As a brain nerd, she leverages her expert knowledge in positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, and communication skills to maximize her clients’ potential.

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