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This episode of the Growing Our Future Podcast features Justin Bradley Reyes, the Manager of Member Services & Engagement for the Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA). 

Justin shares his story of how his FFA journey started and how it has contributed to his professional success. He also talks about his experience of working in the public policy field, which led him to his current role. He emphasizes the importance of being resourceful and utilizing contacts and connections within the agriculture world to achieve success. 

Justin also shares the story of his father’s experience of being part of the US Army during World War II and how he used the GI Bill to become a successful businessman. Finally, Justin talks about his experience of attending President Clinton’s inauguration and how it provided him with a unique perspective.

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Story Notes:

• FFA journey

• Gratitude for Life, Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Having a Voice as a Young Professional

• Foundation of Success Built From Experience

Learn more at MyTexasFFA.org