Living Intentionally with MeiLani Hock

Adam Torres and MeiLani Hock discuss living intentionally.

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Show Notes:

Podcast alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and MeiLani Hock, Founder of Why NOT Me? Academy and Host of Why Not Me? Academy Podcast, explore MeiLani’s academy and podcast.

About MeiLani Hock 

MeiLani Hock has been in your shoes. She was overwhelmed, overworked and overstressed. She loved real estate, but she loved her family and freedom even more. Her goal was to create a lifestyle that supported her family, but also gave her the freedom to pursue her LIFE and DREAMS. She wanted to stop talking about everything she wanted to do and start actually doing them, so she did it!

She has experienced the beautiful potential of life and her new dream is to help others recognize the same potential in their own lives, whether through Airbnb or their life’s passions. Airbnb was her vehicle to take back her freedom, but it’s not the only way. Her goal is to help people stop talking about what they want to do and start DOING it!

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