Liz Miller Agency Simplifies Health Care for Entrepreneurs

Liz Miller, owner and agent at Liz Miller Agency Inc., was interviewed on the Mission Matters Money Podcast by Adam Torres.

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In this insightful interview, Liz Miller, owner and agent at Liz Miller Agency, discusses persistent challenges in the healthcare industry. She helps small businesses by tuning into employee needs and fostering direct relationships with clients.

The Beginning

Liz began her own entrepreneurial journey at her father’s insurance agency. Her strong desire to help clients navigate insurance options led her to make a bold decision–she started her own agency, where she could use her knowledge and perspective to simplify the sometimes-painful process of shopping for health insurance. 

Liz Miller’s Mission

Liz’s mission is to create transparency in the healthcare industry. “We want to facilitate services that contradict a business-centered model of health care, and provide clients with quality, affordable options that are focused solely on their specific needs”, she says.

Liz Miller Agency stands out from other market players, Liz explains, because it is equipped with advanced and innovative technological resources. Liz strives to eliminate middle men by forming direct relationships with clients, thus delivering a seamless and reliable customer experience.

Customer Needs Are Key

Since healthcare agencies are rarely featured in mainstream media, most people lack awareness about health insurance plan options. Liz Miller Agency helps business owners understand the market, and thus make the most informed decision about their health insurance decisions.

On an entrepreneurial level, Liz helps many small business owners by helping them with one of their business challenges, attracting and retaining top talent. To solve this problem, the company targets underserviced small businesses and researches the needs of their employees. The agency then creates a customized healthcare package. Most importantly, Liz’s agency takes the time to communicate the details of the plan, to answer employee questions, and work with business owners as their needs change..

According to Liz, her agency helps business owners by taking on the weighty responsibility of securing quality healthcare for employees. 


Liz Miller has been running a second-generation insurance business for more than 18 years. Her agency helps individuals and businesses secure  customized health coverage plans. The easiest way to reach out to Liz Miller Agency is through their website, where free healthcare resources are available to educate visitors and empower them to make informed decisions.

Visit https://www.lizmilleragency.com/ or call (832) 779 8430.