LoanPro is Democratizing Financial Services

Adam Torres and Lloyd Robert discuss LoanPro.

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Show Notes:

LoanPro is a lending software that is breaking away from the traditional bank model by giving its customers direct database access.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lloyd Roberts, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at LoanPro, explore the democratization of financial services.  

About Lloyd Robert

He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in enterprise sales, lending, loan servicing, and loan management software. His passions are business, family, and making the most out of this amazing journey called life. As a serial entrepreneur, he has found success in grow multiple teams by truly understanding their customer’s needs and then meeting their needs first. He is an experienced Sales Director with a demonstrated history of working in the loan servicing computer software industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Enterprise Sales, Leadership, Marketing Strategy, and Finance.

About LoanPro

The LoanPro platform was started through necessity-driven innovation.  In their early days as lenders Themselves, they found some frustrations of inadequate software to service loans. As serial entrepreneurs with a love of lending, they decided to build the loan-servicing operating system Themselves. This new, custom solution significantly increased their lending success. Encouraged by this success, and looking to recuperate the significant investment in software development, they decided to offer this new software to other lenders. Fast forward 14 years and that internal project have turned into what is now LoanPro. LoanPro’s products are used in all 50 US states and all Canadian provinces, by lenders of all shapes and sizes. Their solutions specifically address the pain points we experienced when trying to use other, inadequate software. They achieve this by focusing on lending processes and communication. They provided greater transparency and data access than most leaders are accustomed to. They offer a modern, well-organized user interface built on a full, RESTful API, to make it easy to integrate LoanPro into existing operations. LoanPro manages $12+ Billion in loan balances with over 3 Million loan accounts (and growing rapidly), across all of its lenders. They process over $400 Million in payments each month and have a user base of over 18,000. There is a tech company at heart. For many of our Fintech clients, They are the tech in their Fintech. They seek out cutting-edge technology and implement the right solutions so our products efficiently organize and streamline lending operations in a transparent and timely manner.