Louis Llanes Discusses His Book, Financial Freedom Blueprint

Louis Llanes, Founder of Wealthnet Investments, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Money Podcast.

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Louis Llanes says he wants to help as many people turn their piece of wealth into peace of mind. 

How did you get started on this journey?

Llanes says his journey began with a fascination with economics and finance when he found a book on microeconomics in a small home he was renting from his grandfather.  His education led him to a degree in finance, an MBA, his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designations. 

He’s been immersed in the realm of finance for many years and is still captivated by the subject. His career path has been wide ranging from trading private hedge funds to private wealth management for a large bank, to starting his own financial advisory firm, Wealthnet Investments.

Financial Freedom Blueprint

After working with a wide range of clients, including CEOs and companies over the years, Llanes noticed trends across questions people were always asking, so he decided to answer those common questions through his book titled Financial Freedom Blueprint. His book covers seven steps to accelerate the path to prosperity and increase the reader’s probability of financial  success. He notes that no one needs a finance background to understand it; he wrote it so nearly anyone could get something beneficial from its pages.

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Wealthnet Investments, LLC

Wealthnet Investments is a registered investment advisory firm, based in Colorado. Llanes started it after working in nearly every aspect of the financial world and having a desire to  help independent investors not only create wealth, but keep it for long term success. 

At Wealthnet, he notes, the team first seeks to understand the specific requirements and vision of each client. Their process is based on a belief that they should provide ten times what the client is paying them. To make that happen, they follow the seven steps outlined in the book to put each client on the path to success. 

Each Thursday, Louis hosts his podcast, The Market Call Show, and discusses problems faced by two kinds of people; high-income individuals who aren’t yet financially independent, and people who are nearing retirement and want to know how to make money to sustain them through the next chapter. 

What’s next for you and your firm?

Llanes says he and Wealthnet will continue to provide clients with excellent advice and service through investment management and planning for their futures. He sees a great need for financial literacy in our schools and is currently in local high school classrooms where he stresses the importance of understanding the basics of finance.  He is also giving away his book, free, to students to help them learn about finance and investments to further their success in the future. 

Here are 4 ways Louis can help you with YOUR investing and financial planning:

  1. Listen to his Market Call Show Podcast

One of his favorite things to do is to talk with smart people about investing, financial planning, and how to live a full life.  He shares this on his podcast the Market Call Show.  To listen in   – Click here  


Everyone has a risk number.  Let’s find yours.  This tool can help you find YOUR personal risk number to have a peaceful investment journey – Click here  

  1. Read the Financial Freedom Blueprint:  7 Steps to Accelerate Your Path to Prosperity

If you’re ready to accelerate your path to prosperity, Financial Freedom Blueprint lays out a proven system for planning and investing to secure your financial independence. – Click here

You can also get a personalized signed hardcover copy – Click here

  1. Work with Louis one-on-one

If you would like to talk about planning and investing for your future. – Click here

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