Low Literacy and Lack of Digital Skills has been Detrimental to Accessing Vaccine Appointments

Adam Torres and Jimmie Williams discuss low literacy and digital skills.

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Show Notes:

Low literacy, lack of digital skills and access to computers has been detrimental to many. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jimmie Williams, President and CEO, Washington Literacy Center, explore how the Washington Literacy Center is working towards solutions.

About Jimmie Williams

Jimmie Williams is an accomplished executive bringing expertise in external affairs, government relations, and organizational operations. He currently serves as President and CEO of Washington Literacy Center, and previously held a variety of leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies in the foodservice and financial sectors. His strong business acumen in strategic communications, revenue growth, and operational efficiency complements his relationship-centric approach to coalitions and alliances that expand economic opportunities for under-served populations. 

About Washington Literacy Center

Started in 1963, the Washington Literacy Center has evolved into a nonprofit institution that teaches reading, math, and workforce skills to adults with skills at the most basic levels. Their goal is to educate and provide skills to those adults so they can improve in their job, obtain employment, and continue their education and move up the economic ladder to self-sufficiency. They help reintegrate adults who have already given up or thought they could not go any further in learning.