Luke Doubler Helps People Fulfill Their Purpose By Connecting To Career Opportunities That Leverage Strengths

Luke Doubler, Founder and Principal Owner at RecruiterCentral, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Through RecruiterCentral, Luke Doubler connects people with exceptional career opportunities by helping employers find top talent, who are engaged and excited by their work.

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How did RecruiterCentral come into existence?

Being a recruiter is not a career option people conventionally think to chase after, Doubler says. “I got into corporate HR by coincidence after teaching high school” he explains. Through working with market leaders including Target and Cargill, Doubler discovered the budding opportunities that awaited in the corporate recruiting industry and decided to build RecruiterCentral.

What’s the secret to retaining top talent?

“You hit the sweet spot when you understand the pulse of your employees,” Doubler says. “Just offering good compensation is not enough. The prevalent culture supports employees to switch their jobs quickly. Hence, offering work-life balance, supporting employee needs and both careers and personal goals, while listening to employee feedback is essential for high engagement and longevity.”

What role does RecruiterCentral play in the recruiting industry?

Most companies have an internal recruitment team that focuses on the hiring process. But when such a team doesn’t exist or a company’s internal process isn’t fulfilling its goals, RecruiterCentral steps in as a partner. 

“We’re a strategic sourcing component of the recruiting strategy,” Doubler says. “Our aim is to complement and upscale your current recruiting process, whether it’s directed towards a specific role or general recruiting.” “We are the team you call when you can’t find the employee you are seeking.”

In the five years since its launch, Doubler says RecruiterCentral has grown into a team of twelve: “Our strong suit is our diversity—we have specialists who are experts in various fields who understand their area of industry thoroughly.”

What goes into the process of recruiting?

In short, RecruiterCentral connects hiring companies with fully qualified, highly engaged, screened, and interview-ready candidates. “We assess each and every candidate thoroughly, understand their wants and needs, and, evaluate their skill set and traits, and present them to the hiring managers,” Doubler explains, and it appears to be working: “Our process is so industry-relevant that 80% of our candidates move to second-round interviews, and half of them get an offer.”

What advice would you give employers and employees looking for the right match?

To Employees: “Potential job seekers should ask a myriad of questions to understand the company,” Doubler offers. “Be a little selfish, there’s more to a job than just a paycheck. Now is your time to ask questions and understand if you want to invest your time with this employer” “Also, cross-verifying on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and GlassDoor the company’s culture and employment brand.” Further, he says, any employee should market themselves well and be sure to audit their presence on the web to make sure they make a professional impression. Have a fully completed LinkedIn profile, loaded with relevant keywords, recommendations, any extra work, blogs, speaking engagements, achievements, anything that shows your ability to learn, stand out, and offer your unique skill sets. 

The same advice, he says, applies to potential employers: “Ensure your brand reflects credibility and professionalism online. Have your presence easily accessible to the employees,” he advises. “Have videos, testimonials, that allow potential employees to sample your work culture.” “Also, be (pro)active on every call and obtain competitive intelligence through recruiting conversations.” “ An interview is a treasure trove of data to be learned both from a candidate and of other employers.”


RecruiterCentral, a corporate recruiting company, serves every industry — from Fortune 50 companies and the Big Four accounting firms to retailers and tech corporations across the world —  to fill strategic and critical roles. 

To connect with RecruiterCentral, visit https://recruitercentral.io/.