Luke Shantz on Arcadian Projects Using Solar PV to Lower CO2 and Unique Multi Trade ’Value Engineering’

In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Martin Halliwell talks to Luke Shantz, President at Arcadian Projects and EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) Board Member. As a seasoned construction professional with over 25 years experience working in the commercial, industrial, and energy markets, Luke has worked within various manufacturing sectors providing a broad range of maintenance and construction services, and have built both new construction and renewable energy projects.

Both of his career and personal interests have led him to focus his experience on Distributed Energy Resources (DER) while servicing the industrial/manufacturing sectors with his multi-trades team.

These DER projects will assist businesses, and utilities achieve clean energy generation, energy management, and sustainability goals.

As a visionary, Luke has focused his work in supporting renewable energy and optimization across commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications for owners, developers and utilities. Dedicated to green energy solutions through 10+ tumultuous years of policy and funding changes, Luke is a futurist who brings to life his commitment to disrupting the link between energy consumption and productivity—creating data-backed, creative solutions for progressive clients.

After working for 15 years as a certified millwright solving complex problems, Luke’s field and project management experience prompted him to imagine Arcadian Projects as a unique one-stop shop for clients seeking design-to-execution expertise. With full-service, certified multi-trade teams, Luke and Arcadian Projects work at the frontline of the energy sector – and he’s proud to say that his teams have earned credibility and referrals from stakeholders across all industries.

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Story Notes

  • Luke Shantz Work Experience
  • Electric Vehicle Market
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Solar Grid Technology
  • Virtual Net Metering
  • Getting into Solar
  • Arcadian Projects
  • Micro Grid Solar

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