Lynn Guerin on Coaching and Leadership the John Wooden Way

Lynn Guerin, CEO and Founder of The John R. Wooden Course LLC, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Lynn Guerin, CEO of the John R. Wooden Course LLC

Highlighting the wisdom, life lessons, and guiding principles of true success, Lynn Guerin, CEO of the John R. Wooden Course LLC, discusses in this interview the invaluable insights he gained from his mentor and coach, UCLA legend, coach John Wooden. Lynn also talks about his recently launched book, “Coach ‘Em Way Up: 5 Lessons for Leading the John Wooden Way.” 

Drawing on a 40-year career in consulting, training, coaching and performance development, Lynn shares the transformative lessons he learned from Coach Wooden on what it takes to be a great Head Coach of your own life and the wonderful opportunity, responsibility and privilege it is to teach, coach and serve others. Lynn was inspired to apply Coach Wooden’s principles, the Pyramid of Success behavior model, and his coaching blueprint to his own life. He was even more determined to find a way to share these powerful concepts with a world that Lynn believes needs Coach Wooden more than ever.

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The Mission Begins

Lynn’s winning a competitive bid to help launch the University of Toyota and create a curriculum, management development process, and tools for corporate managers and a nationwide dealer network, kicked off the opportunity to work with Coach Wooden and his family. Two years of impactful corporate coaching, team development, and leadership development projects with Coach Wooden spawned the vision of The John R Wooden Course.

John Wooden appreciated the idea and vision but, at 86, felt it was a little late to start a new business venture.  One year later, when  Coach Wooden and Lynn were working on a Nissan project for building a championship team, Coach Wooden changed his mind on  building the course. Lynn shares, “It was a handshake agreement that cemented our partnership for the next 10 years!” 

The Pyramid of Success

Lynn explains the critical importance and the relevance of human performance behavior. He describes The Pyramid of Success as the most complete model–a blueprint, a one-page masters degree in high-performance and high-character behavior. Lynn shares how it took 14 years for Coach Wooden to formulate the Pyramid of Success and how he spent his next seven decades following its principles.

Coach Em Way Up 

Lynn highlights the importance of implementing the 5 key lessons from this book in your life. As a great coach of first your own life you must:

  • improve the quality of your own thinking
  • set a good example for everyone every day
  • be an effective teacher
  • be a high-character leader
  • embrace the opportunity to be mentored and be a mentor to others


Author of the new coaching and leadership book “Coach Em Way Up: 5 Lessons for leading the John Wooden Way,” Lynn Guerin is a successful business owner, consultant, executive coach, leader, and team builder. He is known for being a highly skilled and inspirational analyst, coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and developer of high-performance teams with strong team culture.

Visit here to buy your copy of the book! For more information visit www.thejohnrwoodencourse.com