Machine Learning and AI: Measuring Customer Engagement for ROI with Kalon Welch

Adam Torres and Kalon Welch explore how businesses can increase ROI by measuring customer engagement.

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Show Notes:

  • Machine learning & AI
  • Tradeshow analytics
  • Experiential marketing
  • Consumer behavior tracking

Are there “dark spaces” in your retail store? Not lighting, but spaces that aren’t being optimized correctly? The only way to know is to measure. In this episode, Adam Torres and Kalon Welch, EVP of Business Development & Co-Owner at FastSensor, shed light on how retail spaces can be optimized.

About FastSensor

An Artificial Intelligence driven, real-time experience tracking system (RTLS) and in-store, shopper analytics service based on a mobile device location algorithm to monitor, analyze, visualize, and act on shoppers’​ behavior in brick-and-mortar and beyond. We provide a wealth of data that allows business owners and people in charge of marketing and operations to determine new solutions to modern challenges: attraction rate (aisle, shelf, sections; new shoppers and return (loyalty); shopper’s path and engagement areas; check-out line management, waiting time and abandons; empty-handed; layout effectiveness; in-store coupons.  We also support tracking in trade shows, events, stadiums, malls, airports and more.

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