Magical Morocco

MAGICAL MOROCCO-Listeners, I believe, want to know the relationship between the guest and the host.  In this case, I had been searching for a reliable partner in Morocco and found Jamal, owner of Mint Tea Tours.  As our relationship grew I was confident that I had made a wise decision, however it wasn’t until I met him in person and experienced his guides, drivers and work ethic first hand that I was sure there would be no one else. 

Jamal was born in a small Berber village in the Middle Atlas, and grew up interested in all things mathematical and scientific.  He received his degree in Information Technology, but later encouraged by his father to enter into our family’s tourism business where his future career was born! Jamal lived in the U.S. for some time where he became fluent in English and gained an in-depth understanding of Western culture, which was instrumental in connecting with travelers who wish to explore Morocco.  Proud of his native country and heritage, Jamal brings his15 years of experience to life, showcasing not only the popular sites, but also those off the beaten path places that intrigues and inspires. In Jamal’s words, “I know the roads of Morocco as well as I know the back of my hand!  When I am not working, I love . . . to travel! I also love learning new things, the “how” and “why” behind them.”

Learning about Jamal, his background and how he came into the travel business

Story Notes:

  • Jamal describes his country of Morocco
  • What makes Morocco so very different from other travel destinations
  • Walk/talk through my most recent itinerary with highlights
  • Five features of every medina
  • Some of the lesser known or visited places in Morocco
  • Safety and COVID concerns
  • The artisans of Morocco


Mint Tea Tours: https://www.mintteatours.com/

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