Magnus Carter writes about “The Benefits of Failure”

Adam Torres and Magnus Carter discuss Magnus’ new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres interviews Magnus Carter, Founder of Legendary Products & Services, LLC, explore the recent book collaboration between Magnus and Mission Matters, “Mission Matters Business Leaders Edition Volume 7.

About Magnus Carter

Magnus is a well-seasoned and highly accomplished professional with a sizable tenure. He has spent his experience accumulating knowledge and achieving set goals through delivering his best at every step of the way to provide optimal results. Magnus firmly believes in establishing and maintaining the key partnerships and relationships that prove productive and allow for better performance. He’s an established professional with an analytical mindset. Magnus has years of experience, along with an extremely successful and proven track record at handling multiple roles and massive projects without any delays. He’s highly collaborative, and can perform exceptionally well in teams as well as by himself. He thrives in fast-paced business environments and cherishes a chance to self-manage things through his innate problem-solving skills. He possesses verifiable leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills that allow him to put across his side of things with a crisp point to not only peers and colleagues but also the management. Magnus is a remarkably successful mentor to his peers and colleagues, owing to his exceptional people’s skills and has always given them the nudge in the right direction to go the extra mile. He’s positively confident in his capability to deliver impeccable results through his dedication and ability to handle multiple roles, functions, and activities deftly under high-pressure environments.