Making Difference for a Sustainable World

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In this episode of The Future of Building Maintenance, Host Dereck Moore interviewed Marlene Thompson, Owner of Eco Choice Products. Dereck and Marlene highlight the topics about Marlene’s journey in the Eco industry, the important issues we face as a nation and the world that needs to be addressed, the industries that Eco Choice serves, and Marlene’s recommendations as a leader.

Eco Choice Products is an eco-centric consumer and commercial products manufacturer, distributor, and agency. Focusing on innovative green technologies, products, and services suited for a variety of diverse industries, including:

  • Commercial – Retail – Industrial
  • Food and Beverage Health Products 
  • Chemical Free Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Hospital Grade Disinfection 
  • Non-Toxic Pest Control
  • Mobile Device Wireless RF/EMF Protection 
  • Health supplements 
  • Organic Eco Personal Care 
  • Food and Water Supplies 
  • Repurposing Recycling
  • Energy technologies 
  • Green Building Technologies

With over 25 years of brokerage management marketing experience in real estate, product development, and commercial distribution, Marlene’s focus and passion are directed at bringing green sustainable products and solutions to the marketplace. 

With a growing number of like-minded supply channel partners, Eco Choice Products is making a difference for a sustainable world.

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