Managing Corporate Growth with John Ragsdale

Adam Torres and John Ragsdale discuss managing corporate growth.

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Show Notes:

Executives have a lot of pressure on them to manage corporate growth effectively. But different stages of growth require varying skill sets. In this episode,  Adam Torres and John Ragsdale, President & Co-Founder TAP Innovations, explore how executives can effectively manage corporate growth.

About John Ragsdale

As a results-focused IT and C-Level Business Executive and Leader, over the last 25+ years I have transformed organizations with innovative and creative People, Process, Information, and Technology (PPIT) solutions, and continue to use these best practices to accelerate company performance and growth.

People: A ‘game changing’ business leader, strategist and decision maker, I have led organizations’ most valuable assets, People, in the form of high performing 5+ to 260+ person teams with IT vision, strategic planning, large-scale project and implementation experience in global, world-class organizations; including 22+ years in Healthcare IT.

Process: With an Industrial Engineering degree, a passion for process improvement and automation and providing ‘shared services’ to 50+ to 14,000+ person organizations with multiple sites, divisions and departments.

Information: Leading with results and metrics, I am a creator of powerful Information and Data solutions for Business Intelligence, analytics and decision making.

Technology: With People, Processes and Information in place, I have designed and leveraged Digital Tools to deliver amazing solutions for business success.

I define this as true Digital Transformation: the act of resolving business and IT issues, challenges and problems for all stakeholders with agile Digital Tools. With these tools I have Digitally Transformed many organizations.

In 2017, I founded theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations…THE Integrated Digital Toolbox to eliminate an organization’s Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS) through amazing web and mobile solutions. I currently provide executive leadership as the VP of IT for US Eye, implementing proven processes within a robust and agile IT strategy for optimal business performance and growth.

Digital Transformation with Digital Tools, Leading and Motivating Organizations’ Most Valuable Assets: People, Process Improvement, Leveraging Information and Metrics for Success, Healthcare Information Technology (IT)

Elimination of an organization’s Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS) to improve processes, enable collaboration, and open barriers among people and document access.

About TAP Innovations

theAppPlace (TAP) Innovations delivers cloud-based solutions to eliminate and replace an organization’s Manual Efforts and SpreadSheets (MESS). TAP, the Integrated Digital Toolbox greatly reduces spreadsheet sprawl, actions data into information and performs intelligent content organization across people and entity enterprises.

Designed and developed by industry veterans with more than 20 years’ experience, master data and content management software provide a single source of truth so businesses can collaborate real-time with teams, clients and third parties. A growing set of Digital Tools; C3, C2P, myBI, iSMS, TRN, and Admin are web and mobile enabled and quick to fill data interoperability gaps with core business systems. These Digital Tools are complemented with state-of-the-art infrastructure, security, a responsive and customer friendly support team, and the TAP Integration Fabric.

With this strong Digital Toolbox the TAP team creates amazing solutions that solve today’s top business issues and challenges. TAP Innovations solutions have been implemented to streamline business processes for leading healthcare and financial management organizations as well as internal departments for companies from 50-15,000 employees and users.

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