Managing Two Great Wealth Destroyers, Taxes and Family Members (that are not ready to handle it), with Gary Pinkerton

Adam Torres and Gary Pinkerton discuss how to mitigate generational wealth transfer risks.

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Show Notes:

  • Generational wealth transfer
  • Tax strategies
  • Trusts
  • Life Insurance

How did the Rockefellers manage to maintain wealth through generations? These tried and true strategies have been preserving fortunes for over 100 years. Adam Torres and Gary Pinkerton, President of Aligned Strategic Wealth, examine some of the common practices used to preserve wealth over generations. 

About Gary Pinkerton

Veteran, Nuclear Submarine Officer, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor helping individuals and families create Permanent Wealth with time-tested traditional approaches – a better path proven by Rockefeller, Buffet, Carnegie and thousands of others for centuries and now nearly unknown to America’s shrinking Middle Class. I strive to reverse this trend, to bring security and prosperity back to Americans and greatness back to America!

About Aligned Strategic Wealth

Advising clients on wealth maximization in their businesses, real estate holdings and retirement assets through strategic, tax free employment of their capital; helping others achieve perpetual family wealth.

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