Mapping Value to the Bottom Line with Christine Wzorek

Adam Torres and Christine Wzorek discuss mapping value.

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Show Notes:

White Label Advisors (WLA) is a strategic direction firm that modernizes business constructs to incorporate human intelligence into early business development. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Christine Wzorek, Founder & CEO of White Label Advisors, explore how White Label Advisors is helping businesses succeed through fully-integrated Human Capital Management programs.

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About Guest

Upon being named an industry “Disruptor” in 2019 by Utah Business Magazine, Christine Wzorek has disrupted and redefined how Human Capital works within the framework of modern business.

With 21 years of collective business strategy and Human Capital experience, Christine has taken the helm of modern business by marrying Human Capital, Business Strategy and Financial Strategy through the lens of human behavior. As a thought leader offering big-picture vision while designing comprehensive processes, Christine has synchronized business constructs to incorporate human intelligence as a proactive strategy for sustainability and perpetual impact.

Her focus? To recognize and harness the patterns and power of latent potential within Human Capital to optimize organizational efficiencies and returning value to the bottom line. Through this groundbreaking pattern recognition, Christine has achieved successful business outcomes for clients, including innovative technologies and financial statements.

On top of her impact on the industry itself, Christine has successfully led numerous CEOs and executives through this human-intelligence function to optimize their relationships, improve their business culture and achieve business milestones. Her proactive pursuit of this new business model has increased business productivity rooted in true, cohesive partnerships with CEOs, CFOs and COOs to incorporate Human Capital systems in the business development phase and ongoing strategy, not after. This approach helps businesses assimilate to the new Future of Work and its employees through higher profits, better sustainable growth, and expanded market share.

In addition to her accomplishments in the business world, Christine is known for her female workforce development initiatives and her work as a dedicated member of numerous boards. As a Women Business Highlight in Utah Valley Magazine, Christine has dedicated her career to inspiring and helping the next generation of women in business. After personal experience facing the working woman stigma in Utah, and the obstacles of being a single parent, she has worked tirelessly to break down social and economic barriers to inspire women to work towards their goals of independence, creativity and business development.