Marco Santarelli Discusses the Passive Income Potential of Real Estate Investments

Marco Santarelli, Investor, Author, and Founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Money Podcast.

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The mission of Norada Real Estate Investments is to help one million people achieve financial independence through real estate investments. A turnkey investment property supplier with locations across the country, Norada has helped thousands of people build wealth and passive income through real estate. Its founder, Marco Santarelli, hosts the top-rated Passive Real Estate Investing podcast.

How did you get started in real estate investing?

Santarelli says he always wanted to follow a path to financial independence, and he learned of the potential for real estate investing through some family friends when he was just 18 years old. So, at that young age, he bought his first rental property, a townhome he then renovated and rented out. 

Going on to earn his real estate license, he then spent three years selling residential real estate. Using creative investment strategies, between 2003 and 2004, he says he bought 84 units. He invested from Southern California in other places as far as 3,000 miles away, and 18 years in, he now runs Norada Real Estate Investments, dedicated to assisting fellow investors in building wealth through real estate.

‘Creating Wealth & Passive Income Through Real Estate Investing’ — what does that phrase mean to you?

Passive investment, Santarelli explains, means indirectly producing income from real estate by renting it out to someone else. An owner has complete control over the property and obtains rent or income every month or annually; that rent helps pay off the property owner’s debt, mortgage, and utility bills. The leftover sum of money after expenses is known as passive income.

The reason for the word “passive,” he says, is that the income arrives every month no matter whether you’re working or not. With time, rent increases, and cash flow can lead to more property investments and further income. Above all, he says, each time the property owner pays the mortgage, the amount is reduced, which means the equity in the property increasing and adds to one’s net worth. This is also true as the property value appreciates.

Anybody can invest in real estate if they have proper capital and credit, Santarelli notes, and scale their investments as they see fit. If they desire, they can start with a single investment, then build a team and move forward from there as they please.

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What kind of team is required to start a real investment concept? 

Santarelli stresses that a proper system is required to build a solid team. The first team member, he says, will manage deal flow, providing deals that fit your investment criteria regardless of market conditions. The second team member is the lender who provides you with the financing you need; the third, fourth and fifth members of any team should be the property manager, attorney, and tax advisor or strategist.

First, he says, it’s imperative to develop a strategy to execute on your goals, keeping track of everything in a seamless, efficient system. Next, it’s time to identify markets and hunt for properties, working methodically to achieve what the investor wants.

What types of clients do you work with?

The company works with a wide range of clients, from those who are taking on their very first investment to professionals who already own multiple properties. Norada Real Estate Investments provides an array of services to its clients, irrespective of their financial condition or market position, providing its knowledge and resources to help their strategies come to life. 

The company operates nationwide in 25 different types of markets with diverse real estate portfolios. 

What’s next for your company, Norada Real Estate Investments, and your podcast, Passive Real Estate Investing?

Santarelli says the brand will continue fulfilling its mission of helping people with their real estate investments. Having now appeared twice on the Inc. 5000 list, the company is planning to expand in the near future.

To learn more and download the e-book ‘The Ultimate Guide to Passive Real Estate Investing’, visit them at  PassiveRealEstateInvesting.com and the company at NoradaRealEstate.com.