Mari Tautimes: From 15 Year Old Mom To CEO

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In this episode, Host Ken talks with Mari Tautimes about becoming a Mother at 15 and her inspirational story of perseverance. Against all odds, Mari shatters the glass ceiling becoming CEO of an 8 figure company as well as an EOS implementer.

Mari Tautimes brings her 20+ years of entrepreneurial leadership to coach, train, and inspire today’s business leaders of all ages, experience-levels, and industries. She is that rare female business leader who shatters the confines of “business” as we know it by revealing our own humanity through simple yet vulnerable writing, speaking, and entrepreneurial training, unapologetically from a woman’s perspective.

Having learned from the likes of Tony Robbins and Keith Cunningham, Mari is driven to inspire and motivate others to fulfill their potential and achieve their goals.

She is a world-class speaker, trainer, EOS Implementer®, and mentor, sharing her story of perseverance and success to help others create and pursue their most fulfilling lives. Learn more about Mari at: www.maritautimes.com

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