Mark Gorman Discusses Ad Spend Optimization and Digitization

Mark Gorman, CEO of Matrix Solutions, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

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Mark Gorman uses his extensive experience in the private equity and alternative asset markets to focus on transactional, analytical, and marketing practices. Noting that 50 percent of ad revenue goes to Google, Facebook, and Amazon today, his media company’s mission is to help clients monetize their ad inventory, developing better content that efficiently and effectively entertains and informs their audiences.

How did you get started in media advertising?

Long before his current role, Gorman says, his original intentions were to get into international banking. Today, he has 20 years of experience in the private equity, realm, and in 2013, he joined a team of investors that bought majority ownership in Matrix Solutions. The company had been in operation since 1992 with technologies to match, so when he took the helm as CEO, he immediately set about updating them to meet modern demand. These days, the company serves as an end-to-end technology backbone for media companies selling advertising in and across all media platforms including TV/digital, video, audio, cable, and more. 

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What challenges does Matrix face, and how does it help clients achieve their marketing goals?

The biggest hurdle Matrix Solution faces is that many older, well-established companies are reluctant to try new things, yet still want to make a massive impact, so the challenge is to convince them to invest in something new. 

Headquartered in Pittsburgh with an office in Mexico City, the company also outsources part of its work to Bangladesh. Its most noted product, Monarch, is similar to Salesforce’s CRM offering in that it integrates revenue and traffic systems for clients and cleans up and reformats old data to provide current, accurate information the client can actually use for its CRM efforts. This business intelligence tool allows its clients’ sales team to maximize revenues. 

Soon, Gorman says, Matrix Solutions will launch an ad sales console— an automated conversion gateway that will handle everything from the buyers’ demands to order fulfillment. 

For a later launch, the company is also working on the development of impression-based dynamic ad insertion through which clients can incorporate technology to insert ads over live television onto ATSC 3.0. This system, he notes, will help clients progress from traditional ad sales toward up-to-the-minute digital processes that help them achieve and maintain an edge. 

Tell us more about your international expansion.

Currently serving some Canadian and Spanish clients, Matrix Solutions is headquartered in the USA and working to expand its business globally, as its primary product can be designed in any language with just 90 days of lead time. First up, he says, the planned expansion is setting its sights on Latin America. 

To learn more, visit www.matrixformedia.com or email [email protected]