Marketing for Tech Companies with Anita Alkhimovich

Adam Torres and Anita Alkhimovich discuss marketing for Tech Companies.

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Show Notes:

Tech companies often have the unique challenge of communicating complex products in a simple manner. Clear messaging is crucial to a great product launch. In this episode, Adam Torres and  Anita Alkhimovich, CEO of Cadoret, explore what tech companies should keep in mind when launching new products.

About Cadoret

Cadoret is a dynamic agency with  industry focus on Marketing and Translating .

Marketing side of Cadoret company is represented by success-driven first-class professionals who love their work and strive for the comprehensive approach and marketing aid the client needs. 

Professional copywriters, marketing researchers, business analysts and  digital marketing professionals are ready to boost your, explore and conquer new markets and create profound marketing experience .

Cadoret translation areas include English, Russian and French languages. Top-notch translators and interpreters are ready to provide you with their services of document and legal translation, literature and scientific research translation, linguistic analysis and assistance. Cadoret also provides our clients with  high-level conference and event interpreting, covering negotiations and meetings, summits and business trips.

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