Markets In Turmoil with Ken Goldberg

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Stocks are retesting and falling through the lows of June. Inflation is white hot. Interest rates spiked, causing an extreme reversal in the housing markets. Bonds are not the safe haven they once were. As a leader, how do you prepare yourself and your business for the headwinds and upcoming opportunities? Ken Goldberg joins us and gives us his expert opinion.

Ken Goldberg is a 35-year investment warrior from Wall Street firms to the Chicago Options Trading Floor. Ken has been a CNBC guest, started and sold 3 hedge funds, has been a World Cup Trading Championship winner, and was the most-read contributor at The Street.com.

You can connect with Ken Goldberg and his work at www.dsetrading.com for private coaching, a real-time Twitter feed, and twice-weekly market videos. 

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