Martin E. Restituyo Discusses the Importance of Fighting for Latino Entrepreneurs’ Rights

Martin E. Restituyo, Founder of The Law Offices of Martin Restituyo, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Martin E. Restituyo speaks about fighting for Latino entrepreneurs’ rights and discusses how he helps people build better lives for themselves.

What led you to start your own law firm?

Restituyo says that while in school, he realized there weren’t many Latinos around him with whom he could interact or feel comfortable with, and once his career got off the ground, he noticed inequities in the workplace but felt he couldn’t make a difference in the culture of the office, no matter what he did. This, he explains, led him to open a law firm focusing specifically on fighting for Latinos’ rights and empowerment.

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What motivates you to do what you do?

When somebody has to leave their homeland and move to a new country, Restituyo notes, there’s an expectation that they must fully adapt to their new environment, which can be a difficult process that makes it even more challenging to truly make one’s mark in the world. If they want to start up a business, he explains, they may not be accustomed to some of the norms they’re expected to adhere to, and cultural differences and language barriers can hold them back. In some cases, he notes, they may face intentional obstruction from others, which can lead to rightful feelings of disheartenment and frustration. By helping such people move forward in business, he says, it can pave the way to influence and inspire others from those same communities to follow similar paths of their own. 

Tell me more about The Law Offices of Martin Restituyo

The firm has several key areas of specialization, he explains, primarily focusing on labor law, commercial litigation including business and partnership disputes, and contracts and transactions. Restituyo also serves as general counsel for Caribbean and Latin American companies entering the US market.

What’s next for the firm?

Restituyo says his law firm plans to hire more lawyers of Latino heritage who can fight for fellow Latinos’ rights as employees in the workforce and as employers running their own businesses, helping each navigate the business world to build better lives for themselves and their communities.

To learn more, visit http://www.restituyolaw.com and follow Martin E. Restituyo on Instagram at @restituyo_law.