Martin Halliwell Launches the Value Engineering Experts Podcast

In this episode, Martin Halliwell, President of Footprint Engineering Inc., whose mission is to lower CO2 in the built environment, introduces us to the Value Engineering Experts Podcast. The podcast aims to recognize the legacy of many individuals, owners, and people who have similar values and bring expertise to quality workmanship and construction.

Martin Halliwell is considered a visionary by industry peers in foundations, engineering, and the contracting business. He has a steady flow of innovative ideas and solutions to engineering and human challenges.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  •  Introducing the Value Engineering Experts Podcast
  •  Lowering CO2 in the Built Environment
  •  Saving Cost and Schedule as a Business Owner
  •  Learning Different Patents Applications
  •  Martin Halliwell’s Background and Experiences

Learn more at https://footprintengineering.ca/