Matteo Forgione, Engineering Expert , on FeGeoWind Discusses Detailed Design with Martin Halliwell

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In this episode, Host Martin Halliwell talks with Matteo Forgione P.E., Michael Mcleod P.Eng., and Andriy Kumanosky P.Eng. Forgione Engineering is handling all USA Feng Systems patents, including FeBTUcell and FeGeoWind, for the off-grid customers. Michael McLeod, P.Eng, handles Western Canada Teaming with Feng Systems FePatents with Greg Samchek BC and Geoff Muller Alberta.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

🌎Forgione Footprint Vertical Wind Turbine Model

🌎Vertical Wind Turbine Motor

🌎High Magnet Pole Motor Can turn into a Generator

🌎Wind Turbine Rotation

🌎Stress Analysis Test for the Wind Turbine Model

🌎Mateo Forgione Background

🌎Timeline for the Vertical Turbine Production

🌎Risk or Disadvantage of having too many Windmill Turbine

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