McGinley Orthopedic Innovations Pioneers New Technology

Adam Torres and Joseph McGinley discuss McGinley Orthopedic Innovations. 

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Show Notes:

McGinley Orthopedics (MO) develops innovative engineering solutions for surgical procedures. In this episode, Adam Torres and Joseph McGinley, MD PhD, Founder & CEO of McGinley Orthopedic Innovations, explore the McGinley Orthopedic story and mission to engineer medical technologies which improve patient care by reducing costs while improving safety. 

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About  Joseph McGinley

Dr. McGinley is a speaker and presenter for numerous areas of expertise. He presents on entrepreneur topics, sports medicine interventional & imaging medical topics, medical devices, start-up business and investment. He is a practicing Musculoskeletal Intervention & Sports Medicine Physician at The McGinley Clinic. His clinic offers a physician shadowing program. He is the CEO of McGinley Orthopedics & McGinley Manufacturing which offers in house engineering and manufacturing services.

About McGinley Orthopedics

McGinley Innovations encompasses five companies: a medical device design, a medical clinic, manufacturing company, physician education company and a downtown real estate company.

McGinley Orthopedics is a medical device company whose products increase patient safety while reducing costs. Its flagship product is the IntelliSense HandHeld Robotics which is used in OR across the globe.

The McGinley Clinic is a patient centered, complete orthopedic care medical clinic. Dr. Joseph McGinley uses the latest technologies and innovative procedures to treat his patients with a minimally invasive approach. The McGinley Clinic focuses on sports related injuries and MSK issues.

McGinley Education is a physician education company bringing the latest in MSK ultrasound education to physicians around the world. And finally, McGinley Manufacturing is a precise instrument machine shop that creates parts for the medical device, oil and gas, mining, motorsports and construction industries.