MD9 Launches Molo9 with Adi Soozin

Adam Torres and Adi Soozin discuss Molo9.

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Show Notes:

Molo9 is an AI powered marketing recommendation tool that aims to optimize marketing spend. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Adi Soozin, MBA, Fast Growth Executive at MD9, explore Molo9 and how companies are using it to get results.

About Adi Soozin

In one sentence: she has 11 years of experience in growth marketing & new venture development.

Experienced revenue growth strategist with a track record of creating solutions for complex business problems at both Fortune 500 and start-up organizations in domestic and global markets. Skilled in Revenue & Profit Growth, Marketing Strategy & Digital Community Development, National & International Expansion, Guerrilla Marketing and Growth Hacking. Key differentiators include unparalleled energy and passion for startup growth, balanced with a meticulous and resourceful work ethic. 

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