Media Strategies with Bobbye Brooks, MBA

Adam Torres and Bobbye Brooks, MBA discuss media strategies.

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Show Notes:

Having a proper media and branding strategy is important for the long term growth of businesses. However, not many businesses know how to accomplish this task. In this episode, Adam Torres and Bobbye Brooks, MBA, Co-founder and CEO at Media 4 Women Enterprises, explore media and marketing strategies that are helping businesses succeed.

About Bobbye Brooks, MBA

She truly cares about the success of people, businesses, and all of us who choose to follow our dreams and set our goals. She has this innate belief that “all things are possible. “My life began in poverty, pain, and oppression”. Her bio is not intended to boast, but to hopefully be an example of what hard work and determination can bring when the heart keeps believing there’s more.

Professionally, She is a Certified Business Analyst from Harvard Business School with an Executive MBA, beginning in “corporate America” out of college for 10+ years, then, finding my greatest joy as an Entrepreneur. She gets to help people see their dreams become reality through the business strategies that She has learned in my own experiences. She knows how to create profitable, sustainable business models, designed to build your Brand.

She believes in being authentic and real. Business is all about relationships.

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