Meditation and Mindfulness with Amy Baack

Adam Torres and Amy Baack discuss meditation and mindfulness.

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Show Notes:

Meditation and mindfulness are two key components to living a healthy lifestyle. In this episode, Adam Torres and Amy Baack, Creator and CEO at Infinite Embers, explore how meditation and mindfulness can increase the quality of living for many.

About Amy Baack

She is writer, blogger, and health and fitness expert in San Diego. She’s also the creator of the blog Infinite Embers, a holistic wellness and fitness blog and a Social Media Specialist with Maui Marketing.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Cinema & Television Production from the University of Southern California and worked in television for about five years as an assistant writer on such well-known shows as The Vampire Diaries and Mad Men.

She left the television industry in 2014 when she developed a neck injury and moved to San Diego to focus on healing. She became a full-time yoga and fitness instructor to learn how to fix herself. She eventually succeeded in healing and fell in love with all things wellness. She have been teaching various workouts since 2012, and built her own wellness blog and brand called Infinite Embers to spread my message of health and hope with others.

She brings that same enthusiasm to her creative outlet, working in social media. Her writing contains a strong, unique voice with equal parts wit and warmth. She loves collaborating and creating engaging content for all social media platforms to help individuals and brands connect with their ideal audience. They all have a story to tell – she’s there to help you find out how to tell yours.

Specialties: Writing, Social Media Strategy, Yoga + Meditation 

About Maui Marketing

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