Meet Kiva Schuler – On a mission to empower 1000 new parenting coaches to end childhood trauma

Kiva Schuler, CEO and Co-Founder at The Jai Institute For Parenting is interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres.

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Kiva Schuler is on a mission to end the cycle of childhood trauma. Taking inspiration from her own life, she created an innovative strategy to help parents shed their domineering natures and bond with their children in a more wholesome way. This strategy has become the foundation of the Jai Institute For Parenting. 

Kiva aims to train 1,000 parent and parent-focused life coaches who will “break intergenerational patterns of trauma from dysfunctional communication of shame, guilt, and violence.”

Getting Back to Family

Speaking about the origins of Jai – the hub for the world’s leading parent coaching certification – Kiva Schuler explains her transition from her corporate job to becoming an entrepreneur. “I started calling myself an entrepreneur quite recently. Until recently, I was just self-employed,” Kiva tells Adam. In her 11th year of teaching people the business of parenting, Kiva says it is essential to permit yourself to grow slowly.

Growing up watching her half-brother shrink and withdraw under a dominating parent, Kiva decided when she was 16 years of age that she wouldn’t do the same with her children. The creation of Jai is the fulfillment of that promise. She left her finance career to become a life coach and journeyed through various avenues before founding The Jai Institute For Parenting in 2011.  

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Subverting the Dominant Model

“The dominant model (of parenting) works if your goal is to create compliant children, but the thing about compliant children is that they very often turn into either compliant adults or bullying adults, who think that to get their needs met, they need to either yield to what other people want or be the loudest voice in the room,” Kiva tells Adam, explaining how this model is the root of so many problems across the world.

Hence, her teaching methodology works two-fold. Her teaching not only empowers parents personally but also creates a business opportunity. Her respondents not only learn emotional regulation and conscious communication skills that support better parenting, but also the ability to teach these skills to others as parenting coaches. “We like to say it’s the only job where your parenting makes the job better, and in return, the job makes your parenting better,” Kiva says with a laugh. 

In Service of the Future

The program that Kiva created does excellent service to everyone, especially women and working professionals looking to have more time and freedom for their own families.. “We are raising leaders of the future in a culture of cooperation,” Kiva explains. In the first six months of the coaching, parents are encouraged to use what they will learn within their own families to see the benefits of the program. The next phase of coaching is designed to teach the fundamental skills of marketing and sales necessary for building a life coaching business.

She hopes families can use this strategy as a source for part-time income or even make it a full-time practice with the teaching she provides. She speaks about how two of her clients, a pediatrician and a businesswoman, managed to change their careers and reach popularity and success through the training they received at The Jai Institute For Parenting. “I want to create 1,000 beacons of peace and love in this world,” Kiva signs off with a flourish.  

To know more about The Jai Institute For Parenting, visit their website. You can learn more about the company and the program by filling an application form on the website or scheduling a call with a member of their admissions team. 


Kiva Schuler is a passionate mom and masterful coach. She created a platform to empower parents worldwide to discover a means to one of the most rewarding careers available–a career as a Parenting Coach. Hundreds from all over the world have graduated from their Certification Program so far.