Mental Health Matters

In this show, Chirag Sagar Presents Mental Health Matters

In honor of mental health awareness month, we discuss well-being in the workforce. 62% of business owners feel depressed once a week, but there are ways to combat the struggles of entrepreneurs.  

Show Notes:

  • What is Mental Health
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Connection and Understanding
  • Fear of Missing Out
  • Vulnerability
  • Culture and Reward System in the Company

Mission Matters Authors Attended:

  • Christy Morrell-Stinson
  • Jake Breen
  • Darren Prince
  • Phil Larson
  • Magnus Carter
  • Matt Cook
  • Jeff Norskog
  • Leslie Valentino
  • Dr. Airies Davis
  • Joanna Pineda
  • Jose Manuel de Jesus
  • G Cole