Meta Nutrition Makes Meal Planning Easy with Simone Zienna

Adam Torres and Simone Zienna discuss meal planning.

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Show Notes:

Meal planning is often a difficult part of reaching fitness goals for many. But what if there was a better way? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Simone Zienna, CTO and President at Meta Nutrition, explore how Meta Nutrition is helping their clients reach fitness goals.

Visit: https://www.metnu.com/

About Simone Zienna

Nutrition and health enthusiast, he strives to empower people by developing nutritional software they can use to improve their health and look the way they want. He’s also passionate about learning languages, bodybuilding, and cooking which he tries to balance in parallel with software development.

About Meta Nutrition, Inc

Meta Nutrition offers tailored dietary and nutrient analysis software designed to empower groups and individuals with easy to use technology to promote well-being and health. Thanks to their intelligent algorithms, they provide solutions for menu planning and nutrients deficiency analysis to all age groups and diets.

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