Michael Levin Launches The Best Earning Author Program

Adam Torres and discuss The Best Earning Author Program.

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Show Notes:

The Best Earning Author Program is helping authors succeed in monetizing their works. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael Levin, Founder at Michael Levin Writing Company, explore The Best Earning Author Program curriculum and what new students who take the course an expect.

About Michael Levin

He built up his first ghostwriting business, BusinessGhost, into the world’s most prolific ghostwriting company and sold it in 2018. Now, he focuses on ghostwriting for a small number of elite clients worldwide. He write books for the world’s most successful, innovative, and fascinating people…including athletes like Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield, NBA star Doug Christie, and 3x Super Bowl winner Chad Hennings, Pats star Benjamin Watson, and running back Maurice Jones-Drew of the NFL ; the FBI’s top undercover agent Joaquin Garcia, Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp founder David Fishof; broadcasters like Fox Sports’ Chris Myers, business leaders, financial and insurance professionals, best M.D.s, and thought leaders in all fields…all positive people with positive messages.

As a result, he appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank; on the BBC and FoxNews; in Inc., Forbes, and Bloomberg/Business; and in People Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He loves finding the best book for his clients – the book that no other ghostwriter could identify. He’s unique ability is listening. He brings out to his clients the wisdom, the stories, and the magic that translate into best selling, best earning, life-transforming business books, business fables, memoirs, and screenplays.

No one in the field matches his level of experience and his unceasing dedication to quality. His track record: 2 New York Times best sellers; 19 legitimate national best sellers; more than 750 books created, edited, written, or published. It’s true…there is no shortage of business ghostwriters. The best ones will agree: It’s not the speed at which he work nor the number of publications that go to press. Rather he prides himself on his ability to put into words the complex experiences and expertise his author-clients entrust to him, and to capture their unique voices so that no one would imagine they hired a ghost!

Uniquely among ghostwriters, he also provides his clients with a process for monetizing their books, so they get the authority, visibility, income, and fun they sought when they first decided to become authors. No other ghost provides a comprehensive approach to book monetization. In his free time, he enjoys contributing to HuffPost, the New York Daily News, Robb Report, and other publications…raising four outstanding young people with his wife of 20 years, Suzanne…singing with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus of the Boston Symphony Orchestra…running the NYC and Boston Marathons (NYC as a guide runner for disabled runners)…and staying sober, a day at a time, for the past 28 years.

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