Micro Courses: Leverage What You Know – Kelley Tenny

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You have a story that no one can duplicate. It’s your brilliance. Your story is full of experiences and training that sits idle, waiting to be leveraged for your good and for the good of others.

If you could leverage all this wisdom and knowledge, you could make it work for you as you transition into your 4th Quarter.

But how do you leverage your brilliance? 

Micro courses.

My guest today is an expert when it comes to shaping a person’s wisdom and knowledge into a platform that can add to the bottom line and legacy.

My guest on this episode is Kelley Tenny. She is a university professor turned course strategist and micro-course initiator. Experts hire Kelley to help them teach their brilliance with online courses to generate life-long clients and infinite revenue.

Based on over 20 years of teaching, she is now empowering others through education. Her desire to empower even more led to the start of Kelley’s company, Teach Your Brilliance™. 

She offers curriculum creation and course strategy services to creators, influencers and experts who are looking to turn their wisdom into wealth.

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