Mindset Coaching and Board Breaking with Debbie Pickus

Adam Torres and Debbie Pickus discuss the importance of team building events.

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Show Notes:

Teamwork and employee engagement can mean the difference between a company succeeding and failing. A motivated team that executes is every company’s dream. In this episode, Adam Torres and Debbie Pickus, Founder & CEO at Team Fireball, explore team building events and their ability to unite, empower and motivate a workforce.

About Team Fireball

Team Fireball Inc brings the skills necessary to teach business teams skills in order to feel safe and confident in the event of violence in and out of the workplace. Self Defense basics are taught in a fun Team Building type atmosphere with our Flight or Fight program.

Managers and employees are taught to stay safe in case of a hostile termination with our When Terminations Go Wrong program.

Individuals and teams are given the skills to defeat the Mental Bullies that can hold back true productivity and create discourse in relationships with our program Mental Self Defense

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