Mission Matters: Dialogue with Real Estate Influencer Noelle Randall – nearly 1 million followers across her platform.

In this show, Chirag Sagar Presents Mission Matters: Dialogue with Real Estate Influencer Noelle Randall – nearly 1 million followers across her platform.

Noelle Randall is a successful Amazon Best-Selling Author, real estate entrepreneur and coach with 20 years of experience. Her diverse business experience has been instrumental in her personal success, as well as, the success of countless people across the country. She teaches real estate investing to people from varying backgrounds that are ready to transform their financial status. Noelle is a full-time real estate investor and founder of the Noelle Randall Coaching, providing training, workshops, and events teaching how to start from scratch and build a successful real estate investing business. She has nearly 1 million followers across her social platforms. 

Show Notes:

  • Noelle Randall’s story from being bankrupt to being a millionaire.
  • Noelle’s background and how she built her career.
  • How Noelle’s internet presence came about.
  • How to evolve a Real Estate career into coaching.
  • Using your niche as an advantage to stick out.
  • Connecting and building a network of like-minded people.

Mission Matters Authors Attended:

  • Chirag Sagar
  • Adam Torres
  • Noelle Randall
  • Denley McIntosh
  • Mark Weithorn

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Full Unedited Transcript

 All right everyone. Welcome to another exciting week with our Mission Matters Twitter spaces. Every week we put together a dialogue where we bring together celebrities, influencers entrepreneurs, investors, and what we do is curate these dialogues where we really dive into the stories and and then open it up so that our audience at large then can chime in and we can have a full conversation.

So this week we have real estate influencer Noelle Randall all introduced her in just a moment. But for those of you that are just tuning in that have, that are not familiar with Mission Matters, mission Matters is a media outlet focused on the needs of entrepreneurs, executives, experts. Our mission is to help amplify their purpose so that we can inspire and educate future generations.

We are also a book publishing. , a podcast agency, a p r agency, and a digital marketing agency. And here we have a few of our authors and podcasters that are here with us that join in. And we like to curate a community for all of them pretty consistently. So with that let me now formally introduce Noel.

wanna make sure that I get her bio down properly. Oh, I have it right here. So gimme one second. I pull this up. So Noelle Randall is a, is a successful Amazon bestselling author, real estate entrepreneur and coach. With 20 years of experience, her diverse business experience has been instrumental in her personal success as well as in the business, as well as in the success of countless people across the country.

She teaches real estate investing to people from varying backgrounds that are ready to transform their financial status. Noelle is a full-time real estate investor and founder of the Noelle Randall Coaching program, providing training, workshops and events, teaching how to start from scratch and build a successful real estate investing business.

She has nearly 1 million followers across all of our social media platforms, and I know we’ll dive into some of the things she’s done to build that following. As I know that many of our guests and many of our clients also want to you know build their following as as. We are all becoming more so media brands.

Right. So with that, I’m gonna pass the baton here to Adam to start the dialogue and then we’ll all jump in right after. So take it away. Awesome. Thank you Charag. And just for kind

all the, this won’t be like a normal podcast interview, so I’ll get us kicked off, ask a bunch of questions get us started, and then the goal is to get everybody involved so that they can also ask Noel questions. All right. So first off, Noel good to, good to talk to you. I, since the last time I got to interview you and I saw some of the feedback we got I can see why you do what you do.

Like, you get, you get the people going. So welcome back, . Well, thank you. I’m excited to be here. Like I said, I love this whole thing. Like I feel like I was maybe just behind the scenes doing real estate and, and flipping houses. And now that I get to kind of be out here telling people about it, it is way more fun than I thought.

So I think people are enjoying how much I’m enjoying it and I am here on Twitter spaces and I’m learning stuff every day, . That’s awesome. So I know that I know that one of the big things you, you do is of course coaching individuals in real estate and also to really helping them get over some of those hurdles or some, a lot of times people think they may look at you and, you know, you’re polishing, oh, that’s Noelle.

Or she can do it, but I can’t, like all these things that get in our heads when they see people where they, when they’ve made it, we’re on that, they’re on that other side and hitting momentum. Yeah. But maybe just start off by sharing a little bit about your background, cuz from what I know of what we’ve talked about in the past, like it wasn’t always like that.

Right. Right. It was not, and I think that’s why I think I enjoyed teaching it so much because I started bankrupt in my parents’ basement. You know, like that, that I tell that you cannot talk to me for 15 minutes without me letting you know. , yes, I’m a multi-millionaire today, but I used to be broke. I was in my parents’ basement.

I had bad credit, I had multiple foreclosures. I was a disaster of a, of a person, not just a disaster real estate. I was a disaster of a person. I was not educated. And I just didn’t even realize that that was the key, you know what I mean? So it really wasn’t until I started going out to all of those like seminars and conferences, and I just started getting around different people that said, Hey, yes you can, and here’s how you do it.

And then so once I learned it, then I did it. Now I teach it. It just feels like this is, is is perfect. This is how life should be. . Yeah. And, and early on, I mean like, so you’ve been one thing that I, I admire about what you do and how you do it is you’re not scared to work. Like you weren’t in your, you weren’t, you didn’t, you know, you know, hit that bump and, you know, have to move back in with your parents.

Now, things that happened, you didn’t, that didn’t happen because you weren’t trying and you weren’t like going after it. If I’m not mistaken, like that was around the maybe 2008 or was it around That’s right. Period. When like, it was in my parents’ basement. 2008, 2009. Yep. That crashed. Crashed me. And so that, and so, and so that education piece though, it wasn’t that you were like somebody I liked.

I like to kind of bring that out and maybe for you to go a little bit further with that, cuz it wasn’t like that education piece and where you’re getting your education from and how, like, how important that is. Cuz you already had a little bit of momentum before 2008 hit. Very true. So let me kind of go back and, and explain for people.

So I have started investing in real estate in 2001, 2002. You know, I was in my early twenties and I was doing it with no knowledge, just kind of what you see on H G T V and things like that. And so, of course when the market crashed, I lost everything. Had to go back to my parents’ basement, you know what I mean?

And just defeated and as an idiot. And it was there in that basement that I said, okay, let me see what’s going on. Let me learn about this. And started to, to be different instead of just trying to do stuff. You know what I mean? Because I, I, I always had that inside of me to be an entrepreneur. And I knew that I, I wanted to do big things, but at the same time, I was always thinking, I, I didn’t need no one to coach me.

I didn’t need to take any classes. I didn’t even think I needed to finish college, if you get what I’m saying. I, but life, keep my button. It was like, no, sis, you need to learn, then do it, and then you’ll be much more successful. So that’s what I did and, and, and kind of what I love telling people, like, just take a moment and, and learn about it.

Learn deeply, and you can really be successful once you have the right knowledge and, and it’s out there. You just gotta take the time and not think that, oh, I, I can just do this. I don’t need to ask nobody, nothing. I don’t need to. I could just watch TV and, and a couple of videos and it’s, you know, . So now you you know, you’re, you’re, you’re on this path, right?

Yeah. You’re on this trajectory. And then at some. . You know, and I know this didn’t happen overnight, and I, and I bring this up too, because there’s, you know, that, that overnight success thing that takes all these years, right? Many people have said it better than me, but YouTube at some point kind of fits in the picture.

And like, did you wanna do your first YouTube channel? Were you like, really excited? Cuz I’ll tell you for our podcast, like I, I told Shk, I’m like, sh, I’m not doing no podcast. What do you mean I gotta do a podcast? We we’re trying to sell some books here. You want me to talk to people on a podcast? I fought it.

Like, what did you, how did your first YouTube channel come about? That is funny. I, I’m just sitting here laughing and smiling because, YouTube was something people pushed me to. And it’s so funny because how I, I, I, I, I’m, I’m very popular on YouTube and people loved it. You don’t understand how I thought I shouldn’t do it.

It’s stupid. You can’t, you know, go on camera. And like you said, I dreaded it, not even like, it’s so, I, I’m almost like, hate saying it out loud. How stupid, like how dumb what a I dumb idea I thought, and I was so wrong, . Like, I thought I should not be on social media very much. I should not teach these things.

I shouldn’t tell people these things. Like, it was just so wrong. But that is what I thought. And it quickly, you know, your audience kind of starts to pick up and if you go into it with, with genuineness and authenticity You know, people really were, were encouraging, you know, of course there’s mean people you know mm-hmm.

and every now and then, but I was really supported and so I was like, wow, okay, this is, people are finding inspiration in this and people are really getting stuff out of it and doing it. And, and then I got excited, then I got excited. How, how about the first time, so you’re in your content, like for those that haven’t seen your channel, maybe tell us a little bit about the content, real estate focus, of course, but like some of the types of things you maybe talk about before we go further in the end.

Yeah, so the YouTube channel, when I first started, I was really just talking about wholesaling. Okay. Cause that was the thing that got me out of my parents’ basement. Finding people that were behind on payments or you know, in bankruptcy, foreclosure, probate, things like that. Getting those deals under contract and then flipping those contracts to a, an investor, you know, so for a fee, assigning contracts, basically.

So that’s what I came to YouTube with. It’s like, I’m gonna show you that I, you know, me as a woman, me of a woman of color, like I did this and made a lot of money with it. Then I started fixing and flipping, then I got into rental properties, just telling people the easiest thing to do to start getting some money.

And those videos really did well. You know, how to talk to sellers, how to you know, put your signs out, what to say when they call you, you know, different videos about that. And just going and telling everything, everything that I had paid all that money for at some of those conferences and seminars. I just went on YouTube and told for.

and that was that . Oh, that’s so interesting. And like, so like how long did it take for you, like, in terms of like putting out content, things like that, to like start getting a little bit of momentum? Do you remember? I, I would say it was a year. I would say it was one solid year. And I, I tell people that’s really what it is to anything.

If you give something, something consistent one year, it will see, you’ll see a big difference. So going from you like no subscribers to where the channel is literally making 20, $30,000 a month, that is one year. So, so that to me is incredible. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm and then all of the different ways that I learned to then monetize it, you know, with people asking to do sponsored content or, you know, obviously I could say, Hey, you want my book for free?

I could, you know, so, so it just became so many different things and so many so powerful that I was like, wow. Why I wish I’d have did this five years ago. . . Yeah. And I feel like the concepts, so as I’ve gotten to know you better over this time, and just to kind of follow your, your, your work and your content and the breadth of it and the other things, like, it’s impressive because you’re, you’re well developed in your niche, but, and you’re always focused on bringing new content and, and different angles and different ways to add value with what you’re doing to your community that you’ve built through the coaching side, the YouTube side, I mean, through New Res your, your real estate company you name it.

I kind of see all of these things and even though you do a lot like you’re within your niche. Yeah. And I find like, so you got so much traction. . I, I’m not, not saying because the channel, all the things, but like you just, you, you found your niche, you stood with it and, and you keep on digging. And I feel like sometimes when some people get discouraged, whether it’s YouTube or podcasting or all these other things, is because they don’t really, and not, not down anybody, but like, they don’t stick with something long enough to see it really work.

Right. Right. And I, I think that that’s it. You gotta just weather that storm. Obviously there were days when I didn’t feel like making a video mm-hmm. , but then at the same time, there were days when I was excited and could not wait to film, you know, and make those YouTube videos. So powering through it, even when you don’t want to do it, is, is definitely a, gonna be a trait that any entrepreneur could use in anything.

But I, I, I really beg of people give thi give something one year. Like seriously be consistent about something for one year, whether it be weight loss, health, finance, wealth, like any area of your life, if you are consistent with doing the, that good thing for a year, you’re, you’re gonna see an amazing turnaround.

And so you, you, you know, through example, built a business, built a real estate company, then at some point you start getting inquiries or like, like how did the coaching, like how did this evolve to where you’re not, and I know you’re still actively involved in real estate and purchasing property, running properties and have a, I’d like to make that distinction that you actually do what you’re saying you’re doing, have a brick and mortar business, not downing anybody that doesn’t, and that just does coaching.

But I do like to personally make that distinction. So at some point you transition and you start adding coaching to your playlist. How, how did it develop? So it’s funny, obviously doing the real estate and having, you know, rental properties and then, you know, obviously being a licensed real estate agent, then becoming a real estate broker.

That kind of, of course, that’s just like my business, if you get what I’m saying. And to me, more than anything, that’s why I can teach it so well and so easily. It’s because it is what I do every single day, you know what I mean? I am involved in real estate. And then taking it a step further where we did the crowdfund and r and raised money and, and saying, okay, here’s how you do it.

And, and ha bringing investors in and just growing it to all of the levels that are possible. You know what I mean? I feel like I, I, I wanna just crash through every door, you know what I mean? All of the things that they said that we could not do, you know what I mean? Or maybe we were held back from historically I, I’ll I’ll say, say that we can do now.

So I want to, do, I wanna, you know what I mean? If, if there was a time when, you know, I think like with the crowdfund, that that wasn’t even really possible until 2012. , you get what I mean with the jobs act. Mm-hmm. . So it’s like all of these doors have been opened up with so many things for us to become wealthy that it’s like, I gotta share this information, I gotta do it.

I gotta see what, what’s possible. . Now I know you were doing I mean you did a ton of it, I think you’re still doing in-person events and then pandemic came a lot of other things. And then I know you’ve got, you started doing some on online things as well, and you got like, like give us a, a feel for maybe how you’re now engaging best with your students.

So still the events, obviously we, I love that the country has opened back up, you know what I mean? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , because the, one of the, the best events that we have is the Grow Your Wealth event. Okay. Like for example, the next one is May 5th through the seventh. We haven’t even, we’re probably the marketing will go out for it very soon.

It’ll be like, grow your Wealth event.com. And that’s an event where I teach, but we also do a tour. Literally, they get on these luxury buses and they go feed my properties. You know, some of my, you know, we do it in the Orlando area, so we get to, you know go by the properties and they get to touch them and see them, and then we can go through numbers and it, it becomes so real for people that that’s when they really take off.

You know, I’ll see so many people really just take off once they’re able to come and see the properties. Because more than anything it. You know, they believe it. You know, I, I feel like I come across, you know, very genuine, but once you see me in person, you see the properties, it’s like, oh, okay, wait a minute.

This is, this is not difficult. You know, we, we start opening the, the, the, the pulling back the curtains that really show you how it’s done. But then we also have the challenge, which is a virtual event where I’m teaching for two full days, and that’s, you know, fright directly from the computer. And that’s, you know, super inexpensive.

So me, again, doing a lot of content on YouTube and, and, and Twitter and, and, and this type of content that’s completely free teaching people, but then giving them low cost options to either see me virtually or, you know, fly out to Orlando or Atlanta or, you know, one of the cities that we’re doing an event in and see the actual properties and meet me in person.

But just having all different types of options for people. I’m, that’s what I’m about. Yeah. I think it’s great now, and you’ve and you’ve, I mean, you’ve been in the, in this part of the space for a while and you’ve had some students that have had some success in, in investing, in, in actually implementing what you’re teaching.

How long, how long have been coaching now? How long you been like the cook? So probably officially since 20 17. Okay. Wow. Doesn’t time fly. I bet you it does. It does. I was like, wow. Yeah, 2017. And then it was so funny cuz we, I just did it on such a smaller level and, and then I laughed because when I first started, okay, here’s a big secret.

You know how they tell you whenever you are gonna do something, you have to niche down, so you need to niche down Noelle. You know, so my coach would tell me, you gotta niche down. And so I was like, all right, I want corporate women of color, you know, like my age. You know, you start doing a avatar that’s basically you , and I just, you know, laughingly.

Yes. I feel like I had some. But I have mostly men. If I have to be honest, most of I have, it’s probably 51 49 men, women in my coaching program that I coach. Success stories, you know, it, it’s really even different races, different genders, different sexuality, different, you know, parts of the country. Like really just more realizing that it wasn’t about the demographics, it was really about the mindset.

And I just kind of connect to so many different types of people that that’s been you know, that’s been fun with the coaching, like how many different types of people and how many different types of people I’ve been able to connect with and them find success in, you know, real estate and in business.

Now, I know that obviously, you know, every individual person’s gonna be different and different background, different resources. They’re coming to the table. A lot of different reasons that maybe some people can be successful. But through your program and through like the people that you’ve worked with, like what are some of the common themes, whether it’s traits or otherwise that have made maybe some successful versus others?

Like what have you found for those that just kind of stick out? Yeah, so it, it’s gonna be the, the person that it, it’s funny, two, two major categories. The one that’s like really fed up, you know what I mean? With what their current state is and they’re willing to, to, to change what they’re doing. You get what I’m saying?

You know how sometimes we’ve, like when I was in my parents’ basement broke bankrupt, it was almost like I knew I had to do something different. That, that person, you know, who’s kind of just like, this is the last thing. You know what I mean? I’m investing in this and if it doesn’t work, I’m going bankrupt and I’m just gonna add you to my bankruptcy.

You know, like that person th that’s usually a successful person cuz they’re just like, I’m going for it and I’m gonna just make this work. And then there’s the person I feel like that, that is ready for something new. You know what I mean? Not that they’re fed up with what they’re, they’re they’re going on.

Cuz of course that’s a motivator being fed up. But then the person that’s, that’s really forward looking, like, I really see this potential for me, I really see where I fit into this. That, you know what I mean? Not just going through the motions or it’s the next hot thing that they see real estate, or I wanna put houses cause I saw the tv, but just know, like, no, I really, I, you know, and I kind of asked them their vision and, and, and that’s when I, I can hear it if they’re, they’re really serious or not.

So really fed up or really looking for something, you know, new. . So I want you to kinda, this is kind of like the, the pay it forward time. So a lot of people, let’s say whatever niche, doesn’t, doesn’t matter, doesn’t, real estate doesn’t, you know creating content like Uhhuh , finding ways to add value, you do it through a lot of different channels.

Obviously you’ve grown and you’ve been able to kind of expand and now do ’em through different channels, whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, I mean, you name it, you’re, you’re all over the place. But what would you tell the people that are, I like to say, that are sitting on like, all of this knowledge, but not like producing content.

Like they’re still kind of holding back. Maybe they don’t, maybe for whatever reason. Yeah. What would, what would you tell them about like getting. . Yeah. So I would tell them to go for it. You meet so many people that are talented, that have great information, that know things that even if they, they, some of the things worked out and then even the things that didn’t work out, how valuable that knowledge is, how valuable their story is.

Like, Hey, I tried this thing and it didn’t work, and then I tried this thing and it did work, or vice versa. That is so helpful. So people will have all of these skills and talents and, and knowledge in inside of them and are never sharing it with the world. What a disservice. And I say that as someone that used to be, that someone that, you know, I knew I, I knew some stuff.

I knew I was, you know, kind of, you know, I had some stuff inside of me, but for years was like, mm, no, I, I’m not gonna put myself out there . I, I’m not, you know what I mean? We, I. You don’t be that fool. Be smart. Be the new version of me. Like be you can do it. Start putting your content out there. That, that is a, a, an amazing way to bring value to your community.

It’s an amazing way to, to connect with people that are like-minded. You know? Yes, you may get some haters, but you’re gonna find a lot of support and people that are just like you, that wanna work with you, that wanna partner with you, that want to, whatever it is that you do. So you should definitely, definitely put your stuff out there.

Go on social media, put your content, put yourself out there, and, and go for it. So, so you mentioned earlier the idea of like consistency. Do you happen, I mean, you may not, I know it’s been a while, but roughly how many videos you think you put out that first year? That first year? I know for a fact, I mean, I could, we could just do the math

I would do 20 videos per month. Okay. So it was five days per week. That’s what I talking, yeah. Five days a week. Monday through Friday. I go film 20 of them. It was a one day though. Nine to five. All right. Cause the videos are 10 to 15 minutes each. I would have my bullets. Okay. They’re not full. Not reading off a teleprompter, none of that stuff, but just bullet points of my scripts.

Then I would just go, cause like I said, it really if, especially if it’s something you do, like, if it’s like I do real estate, so I, I could make a hundred videos. So that first year you do the math, 20 videos times 13. Wow. I can not do that on top of my head. , , Shara can, don’t worry. He, he’s sitting there. But so that’s, but when you say consistent, I love the way you broke that down.

You broke down your schedule because some people will listen to this. I’m glad we got in the weeds on that one. Yeah. Some people will listen to this and they’ll say, You know, I did a video of once a week for the year, if that’s where your level’s at. By the way, that’s, I’m not, I would be ecstatic. If somebody has a dream and they do one video per week for a year, that’s an accomplishment in itself.

That is, that is, you will see. And I, and I’m, I’m I pro, I would, I think even if you did one video a week, every single week for a year, I still think you would see some good progress. Now, obviously I would go for three or five, but at the same time, I, I know you would start to get some traction cause Totally.

And my thing is this, is that you, what you did though was you chose to compress time. by adding more and doing more, and like refining your content, your message, and, and really just being authentic in your story on what you do. So you do real estate, so you shared information about what you do but you did it and with massive action, like 20 videos.

Like that’s, no, that’s no joke. Like some people may not, and again, I’m not, not downing anyone else, we’re all in our own level of this journey. And again, right, like you, you said one, one video a week, ecstatic, but if you wanna grow something, like it’s gonna be worth, you said nine to five. You had like, so if you take content and in the age that we’re at this renaissance of really content creation, if you take it serious, like there’s not only money to be made, but there’s a lot of people you can.

Yes. Which you found like, I don’t know if, like when you went into your YouTube channel originally, if you had the mindset of ultimately turning to coaching or what, but through your coaching, was that an evolution or was that the, that was an evolution. Oh, by, yes, yes, yes. Adam. That was an evolution. So I went there and at first I would say, Hey, you want a partner?

Send me deals. You know, I was looking, wow. For almost like bird dogs, you know what I mean? I didn help. Didn’t that me find some properties, get me some deals. And then people are like, well, you gotta teach me. And I was like, oh yeah, that’s right. . Oh, I learned so and so then that about you every time. That’s new.

I didn’t know that. Wow. So you weren’t even thinking about coaching. You’re like, I wanna do some deals. So you were just out there being the real deal. You gotta teach me, I wanna get you a property. If I dunno what I’m. Right. . That’s ridiculous. That’s funny. That’s, it’s, it’s funny. And then, and then came the books, you know what I mean?

Yeah. Because that let, let, let me keep going with the content. Yeah. So this is what, the secret sauce that I love sharing with people about the content. And if this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. I, I told you I was able, I’m able to do the YouTube videos in one day, 20 videos. Okay? It’s one hard days of work, but it’s one day.

Then from the YouTube videos, you got your YouTube videos. Then they chop those up. That’s your YouTube shorts. Okay? They, that’s your Twitter post and, and, and they put it on TikTok. They, they cut the, chop it up and they put it on TikTok. Okay? Then they put it on Facebook, they put it on Instagram. You know, they, they chop up that one day’s worth of content and put it on all the social media, okay?

Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . Let’s go. Every video ends with a call to action. , so mm-hmm. , every single video I do, I’m offering you, Hey, get my book, or, Hey, you wanna come to an event, or, Hey, do you wanna do this? Get one of my downloads, I’m gonna grab your email address. I am going to get something. I’m going to make some offer, okay?

Mm-hmm. . And that adds up really quickly. And if I told you I’m doing 20 videos a month, then every, then those offers are everywhere. I just told you, we chopped the content up, put it everywhere. You take the transcript, that’s your blog, you take just the audio. That’s the podcast. Mm-hmm. . So if so much you can repurpose the content and do, now I’m not saying this is going to, to, to, to you, you’re gonna have to put some effort into the other platforms.

Don’t get me wrong, of course. But is a easy way to, to get a lot of content out there with one day’s worth of work and really get a lot of money, okay? Because you, you’re, you’re making offers. You’re, you’re, you’re getting deals, you’re what is your, whatever, your call to action, whether you’re looking for clients, whether you have deals for them, whether you do mortgages, whatever you do.

Yeah, you’re gonna get leads. And my point on this and my I like to hear somebody else preaching this for a change. My point is at least you’re in the game then. Like, you’re not even in the game. If you’re not producing some form of content, you don’t have to be like over the top. And that wasn’t even your point in the beginning, right?

So now somebody might look and you say, okay, YouTube influencer or this or that, or all these followers or this, that, but that is even where you were starting to do, you were starting to get deals cuz you wanted to see who you could do a real estate deal with. So exactly the opposite of what someone might think was the face value.

Right? And what it is, is you found a way to build, but you had to put yourself in the game. If somebody was sitting on the sideline and you’re not even the game. , you don’t even have a chance to let something evolve. Maybe you don’t, coaching’s not gonna be your thing. Like maybe it’s gonna be something else, but Right.

You gotta be in the game . Right. Exactly. Exactly. Gotta get in the game. There’s, there’s, there’s so many wins if you get in the game. . So, so speaking of being in the game that was my, that was my big transition. I got one more question for Noel and I’ll let everybody else get ready for their questions.

And if anybody wants to raise their hand to go next, then we’ll you, you, you get to have some questions. I told everybody that I wouldn’t I wouldn’t hog the whole microphone or the whole interview , but so books, you know, we’re fans of books. We’re avid book people. We as publishers and I, you were already an author prior to working with us and I’m so proud and thrilled to have recently published a book with you and I know we’re just getting started on the promotion of that and yeah.

All the things that that entails and it’s gonna be fun. Can’t wait to have you back on the show, but, Books. Like what if like you do online and you do still physical books? Yes. As a publisher I like to have other people say it that are not publishers. Why do you think books still matter? Books matter because it’s an easy, low cost way for people to learn.

Okay. First of all, I am a big advocate of reading, period. I have a nonprofit dedicated to children’s literacy, so we won’t even go there. I think reading is one of the best things that you can do, and one of the things that I did, like I said, I got coaching and I read, I had to start learning to read. And so I love books because it’s of such an inexpensive way.

Like yeah, you could literally get coaching or you could read like these 10 books, and honestly, in many cases it’s the same thing. So it really is a low cost way, and for an influencer or a person that does something, any type of professional, it’s such credibility. You know what I mean? When I show them that I have written a book.

Now even, I wasn’t even going for like bestseller and Amazon and some of those things that I, I I’ve done. I was really just trying to find a low-cost thing to give information to people, but then it, the, the credibility of how people are like, wow, you’re an author, you’re a published author. How great that was for the brand was so amazing to me.

So those two things like it, it’s, it’s just good all around. All right. I will I’m gonna pass the mic. Mark. Got a question for Noel and Mark’s in Florida too, so you guys at some point gotta connect cuz Mark’s in the, I’ll, I’ll let Mark talk for himself, but he’s he’s part of our community and he’s in the real estate niche too, in another area.

But I’ll, I’ll let Mark go. Mark . Hey, thanks. Thank you, Adam. Thank you, Noel. It’s a pleasure listening to you. You’re such a ball of fire. Oh, well thank you Mark . Oh wow. You know, I was just at the Inman conference in New York. I don’t know if you saw you were there. No, I was not, but I I have heard of it, yes.

So yes. Tell me. Yeah. Well, lemme tell you about myself. I’m with Okay. I own DPI showcase websites. My company’s been creating websites for realtors for about 19 years now. Okay. And, and I have clients all over the country, but what I’ve been doing for over 20 years is teaching marketing classes to realtors at the Miami Association are realtors.

One of my favorite class, one of my favorite classes is surviving the first six months as a realtor. Yes. Love and you love it. Get all the newbies in there, you know. Yes, yes. They’re all, that’s exciting. No, I, that’s, that’s actually very exciting. Like, no, all, all seriousness. So, like I said, I recently became licensed broker, went from, you know, salesperson to broker cuz I just never had time to take the test and all of that stuff.

So I’m with the Orlando Association of Realtor and I’m taking a lot of these classes that the, the board offers and it is some great education. Yeah. I mean, one of the, the first things I teach them is that they have to do a business plan, right? I say, Hey, this is a business, you know? Yes. Yes. And then I tell them that they have to change their mentality from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.

Yeah. And then they look at me like, oh, wow, uhoh, they get scared. You see their eyes opening. So, so the first question, I, I have a few questions. I, you know, sorry, Adam . Do it, do it. Making me do All right. I’m ready. I love this. No, you got, come on. Yeah. So the first question is like, I was sitting at the admin conference.

I don’t exhibit at these things. I sit, I sit in the audience. Okay. And you get all these like, motivational speakers up there, and then you look at the audience. and sometimes they get glazed or they, they kind of look frustrated. Cause here’s people telling them, yeah, yeah, rah rah. But they don’t know how to do it.

How do you, how do you combat that? It’s hard because the, the, the, the rah rah and the motivation. Truly, I, I think anybody that is successful knows that it’s mostly mindset. So unfortunately, once you’re successful, you’re always trying to tell people about the mindset. Like you just said that like, yeah, you gotta change your mindset to an entrepreneur.

You gotta kind of let some of those old thinkings go. You know what I mean? Like when you become a real estate agent and, and you’re like, okay, I’m now an entrepreneur. I have to learn how to hunt. I have to feed myself. That’s a different mentality than like a zoo animal that’s being fed. You know, and I, I often use that comparison for someone at a job.

They’re like, you know, a lion in the zoo, they’re fed, you know, they, they’re taken care of, but then a lion in the wild hunts and that, that, that’s what an entrepreneur is. So that I get it. I really do. But at the same time, if they would not let, if they would not glaze their eyes over and they would probably start to really learn the answer to what’s holding them back from being successful in real estate, from being the successful real estate agent that they wanna be, it usually is some limiting belief about how much money they could make or how difficult it is, or what the market is, or something about the economy or some silliness about who, who’s the president.

And, and some of those things are so crazy, but that’s what people hold onto and that’s really the stuff that’s holding them back. So I, I get it at those conferences, they love the motivation and people are like, ah, get to the real stuff. But it’s just like, ah, I’m trying to tell you that is the real stuff.

Like you gotta change your mindset first before any of the scripts. Thanks. That’s great. Yeah. What I do is I give them a how to, like, here steps one, step A, B, and C. Go do this, you know? Yeah. But like, here, here’s how you post on Facebook or Instagram, you know? Yeah. Or here’s how you set up your business page on Facebook.

A, B, and C. Yeah. Yeah. One of the No, absolutely. Love teaching people how to, but let, let’s be honest, let’s have a conversation. Mark. How many of, how many real estate agents really use social media the way that they should and, and real, like seriously. Let’s talk about that. Yeah. The, well, you know, I always give the story of Dr.

Redmond. Okay. Dr. Redmond was my bio one. Oh. Teacher when I was in pre-med, that lasted one semester, by the way, and it was, it is an auditorium of about 200 people. And he said, look to your right, look to your left. Cuz 90% of you will not make it to med school, but we need you here to pay the bills. So those 85% of those realtors who do one deal a year, we need them, you know, to pay the boards.

It’s true, it’s true. It’s true. It’s true. It that, that’s, and, and, ah, I know. And it, same thing, like I said, I’ve been to college and the same thing. And you realize that most people go to college, they don’t finish. And so most people start things and they don’t finish. And, and, and I, and to me, of course, that’s fine.

That that’s how life is. And if we did any industry, I’m sure the stat would be the same, but I, it almost hurts my feelings because I know real estate is the number one way to. it is. And it’s, it’s the fastest way to start your own business. Correct. And start generating cash flow. Right. One of the biggest challenges though, I find is technology.

Mm. Most, most real estate agents are not tech people. I mean, what you’re doing with your YouTube channel, listen, I have a YouTube channel with tons of training videos. So what you’re doing, I, you know, I feel your pain , but, but technology is really hard for these people. Hey, that’s a belief right there.

And that’s what you don’t, and you are funny cuz you’re repeating back to the stuff that they say to you. And they say to me that technology is hard. And I’m like, my son’s autistic. He’s never said a word. And you should see him with an iPad. Don’t tell me this is hard, . It’s not. And some of these things are so much more simpler now than they used to be.

Let’s think about how much easier it is now to search for a property in m l s versus 10 years ago. They used to have books. Right? Right. Like, there’s so many, like automation. You get a client, they tell you they want a three bedroom, three bath in a certain area, you freaking stick it into MLS and it, every time a listing hits it will automatically email them.

You don’t even have to do anything. So, so one of the technology helps is my point. Yeah. I mean, I tell them to draw a line in the sand, do what you’re comfortable in doing and just do it. Yeah. Yeah. See, I’m a coach and so I’m more like the trainer at the gym and I’m like, look, you wanna be richer, you wanna be broke.

So one of the things that we went through the past few years, yeah, I’m dying over here. I was like, dang, nobody laugh. No. I’m etiquette on Twitter. Etiquette Twitter. Cause there’s a bunch of us in here. So everybody’s, but I’m like, no, technology is not going anywhere. You’re not trying, right. Where technology will be here, you can learn these simple little things.

You guys can learn these little, sorry, mark, I had, I had, sorry, go ahead, mark. No, I’m cool man. This is a fun time. You know, this is what we do every week. It’s real talk . It is. You know, it’s not scripted. Right. Yeah. One of the, one of the other challenges that happened recently is, you know, the market changed.

Yeah. And I kept saying to people, all right, it’s, you know, it we’re going from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Just change a hat and go to work. . Exactly. So you. , what’s your take on that? So I, I think it was a good thing. Obviously we know that after the pandemic. Okay, so let, let me, let me give you this little quick thing.

So I have a master’s degree from Penn State in economic development. So I absolutely love this conversation about different trends and, and, and things of that nature. So if we have to say just from that standpoint alone, we had to start rationing, like fixing the market after the pandemic. There was, there was the, the supply demand was off.

It was completely off. Like, we don’t even have to get into anything deep with economics, but we know the, the, the demand. When everybody came out of the pandemic, everybody wanted houses and there was not enough supply. There was no building materials being made during the pandemic. All the factories were shut down.

And it took a long time, which longer than we thought, I think, to start catching back up with all the building material and all of the demand that people wanted and people were going crazy bidding with each other for. You know new construction houses and going on these bidding wars and I’ll pay you double and 20,000 over the list price.

All this craziness that it had to level out. And I’m, I’m, I think 2023 is more of a market correction and, and we’re kind of correcting and getting more so than it, it being like a crash. I, I definitely think we’re gonna see some recession type stuff, you know, we can talk about that. But at the same time, for the real estate market, I think this is about Right.

You know, we’re returning to normal is what we’re doing. Right. Interest rates historically we’re 6%. Yes. Correct. And I look, I look at the statistics in Miami of sales. I mean, 2021 was like crazy, but now we’re returning to normal. Right, right. And, and Miami is a, but the thing about it too, like though areas like Miami, the demand is still high.

You know, so there’s certain areas too, in certain markets where, you know, others corrected faster or more so than others. But I think pretty much all of Florida, I think we’re just, we get, we, we get a, we’re getting a good benefit. I think we’re the Florida market for the most part, I feel like is in a really good position.

That’s great. That’s really great. Listening to you talk, Adam. I’ll turn it back to you. Cause I, I, you know, you know me. I can keep talking. . Let’s let’s get done. Dunley into, involved over here. Dunley, welcome. Hey, Adam. How’s it going? Noelle great, great hearing. The, the energy. Thank you. That’s I love the feeling, the, the energy, even where I am in this kind of frigid box what we call up in Toronto here.

That, that the energy’s nice to kinda warm you up and get you going here. That’s good. I like Toronto. Get you going. I like Toronto. Yeah. Yeah, I do. That’s a great city. Yeah, the city of Drake, right? . That’s right. . I put y’all on the map.

Yeah. Right. I, I hear you. I hear you. I got some family in Florida, so it’s, it’s most definitely, it’s a nice spot. But what I hear, what you just got, you had to say or are saying, and you talked about mindset being such a key thing. So let me just kind of back up here. So definitely Mac Dosh culture. I, I have a podcast called The Cultures Corner on, on Adams, and shes and the Mission Matters podcast network.

So my focus on helping people through getting good coaching so they have a friendly corner to rest, think, and engage the world better around them. So I wanna see folks get that knockout of success fairly. And that’s what you’re helping people to do, get that knockout of success fairly. Yeah. And one of the things.

I appreciate the, the mindset and one of the things I am interested to ask you is the power of partnership. I remember reading a book called The Millionaire Mine, I think by Thomas Stanley and one of the, and he talked about what people do to get wealthy, or what wealthy people do that just cont that draws wealth to them.

And one of the chapters you talk about the people in their lives having partnership, whether it be a close friend or your spouse. So my close partner is my wife, and we, we challenge each other in terms of building a different mindset. Yeah. And looking at the world differently. So my question for you, who’s that person that challenges?

to, to differ that mindset because at the end of the day, you’re doing what you’re doing, which is great, but a coach always needs a coach, right? Who’s that coach and what particular book has really motivates you, inspired you? I’d be interested to kind of hear those kind of two things. So person, okay.

So I love what you said about the friend. and support obviously with, especially with entrepreneurship, I feel like that’s like the best personal development that you could ever go through. Starting your own business, fighting your way through it. And you know, especially if you can be successful, whether you’re successful or not, I think you’re definitely gonna learn so much about yourself, you know what I mean?

And so through that journey, having someone to support you, having a friend, I really kind of just closed in and like me and my husband, we just incubated. You know, that’s what we, we, we would call it, we’re like gonna incubate because we kind of decided at the same time that we were gonna lead these jobs and he was gonna start writing full-time.

He writes songs and he was gonna really just do music, which, you know, was crazy to a person. And then, you know, I’m saying I’m gonna go flip houses full-time. And so people thought we were crazy, so we really had to just. Each other’s friend and only talk to each other. And that was enough. And then, like you said, listening to, to positive things, reading positive books.

One of the books that I read that I love and I tell, and I even give to my students today, John Maxwell and actually one of my mentors, okay, I’m, I’ll go back. His name was, is Toby, I won’t say was cuz he’s still alive and he’s on one of the co-founders of Movement Mortgage. Okay. Company I used to work for.

And when I first met him at the interview, he handed me a book by John Maxwell called Becoming a Person of Influence. And I was taking a position like as a manager, And so instead of, you know, cause usually as a manager that’s authority. You know, you’re, you’re the manager and people should listen to you cuz you’re the manager.

But that’s not their, his philosophy. And we were having such a great conversation about leading by influence instead of by authority. And so then I fell in love with those books. And then there’s John Maxwell, he has all these little short books like how successful people think, how Successful People Grow, how successful People God I forgot, but it, it, how, how, yeah.

What, anyway, but those, how successful people think, how successful people grow, those are my favorite as, as well as becoming a person of influence. So and then you have all the greats of course thinking Grow Rich and you know, Brian Tracy, no more excuses. I could go on and on about books because I like books.

Oh yeah, you’re a bi file, if I can use that term, right? Yes. So, yeah. And it is having that bi file attitude and Yeah. Yeah. I enjoy, I enjoy John Maxwell, Dr. Maxwell with the leadership, and yeah, I think that’s, those, those materials are so important, and not just in real estate, but is anything that you’re aspired to take it to the next level.

And so I appreciate the, the book and, and similarly having a spouse in your corner, or for some, it may not be esped, but it just someone who, who’s just real with you, right? Just say, Hey, you know, you, you, you know, you need to kind of snap out of that, right? Yeah. You know what, you know, you some it is less.

Brown said some sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, right? Yes. It’s someone that’s not gonna beat you up when you lose, because every day is not That’s right. Sunshine and strawberries. So the last thing you need, if something’s not going right, is for your person to be kind of, Piling on. So it’s like you either need a supportive spouse or partner or support system or none at all.

Cuz you are enough. I, I am also a b big believer and you are enough. Okay. That’s right. So here we go. That’s right . That that’s, that’s right. And yeah, if your spouses a believe you, your friends don’t believe you, you gotta believe yourself first and foremost. Right? That’s right. You just gotta, you gotta keep at it, keep doing it.

And right. It seems that seems like you’re doing it the heck who believes it doesn’t matter what they believe. It really doesn’t. And that’s another thing we, we have to, you can care about people. This is another Noelle. You can care about people, but you do not have to care what they think. Absolutely.

No we usually like to keep these to about an hour, but okay. I have one actually final question for you. Okay. I’m actually curious, cuz I know you’ve been on this train of creating tons of content and you’re very consistent at it. Yes. Was there a mo, was there like an inflection point or was there like a virality like hit that you got?

Like, or was it just. Steady building. No, no. It was, it was definitely a, a moment, but I, I almost knew this. Okay, so let, let, let me kind of go back and, and be really transparent. So I started kind of doing the YouTube thing by myself with my computer, you know, doing what people say, start ugly, start it, you know, with my computer using Zoom and recording them on a zoom.

Awful. Okay. Awful quality. Go back and look. I look awful. . And then I started to get some traction. So of course when you, you see some success, you. And so I started investing in it. And then eventually I got with Nate Woodbury and was flying out to Utah. And that’s when he started producing my, my channel and me really kind of getting in deliberate about the titles that I was picking and my descriptions and my thumbnails, and like really being deliberate about it because it started making money.

So I could see like, wow, what if I invested more into this? This would make more. And of course that’s what happens, and that’s what did happen. And so at about month seven, there was a video that we did that basically went viral, and then another, the next month, you know, we had another one. And when I say viral you know, 500,000, 800,000, a million views.

And then, but at the same time, remember, never was my goal. Every little video memory with YouTube, you were paid for every view and I’m getting leads. So to me that was the best part. But the, yeah, there was a viral, yeah, definitely around month seven, . I love that. Yeah. . And in terms of like, just, just curious, with older content, do you still have all that older content from like day one?

Is that still there or, heck yeah. Still on my channel. I do not, I did not take it down. Here’s another thing. I think my audience loves seeing the progress and it, it, it’s, that’s the inspiration. Look at even, you know, people, they’re like, no. Well you, they even tell me I look better, like physically. And it’s funny cause I’m getting older, , but it’s like, no, you’re getting prettier.

I’m getting richer, I’m getting better at this. I’m getting better lighting, I’m getting better. Makeup artist, better hairstylist. So leaving that old content up there is so important. So people can see your growth, your progress, and it inspires them to start the way they are because you, they know, you know, it’s going to grow if you, you stick with it.

So I would never take it down. And how, how long or long ago did you get started? Just So that was 2018. That was 2018 with the YouTube. Four or five years. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. And then I took it full-time in 2020. Love it. Awesome. Incredible story. Well look we like to keep these to about an hour.

Okay. I’m good for that cuz it’s 8:00 PM and I gotta put babies to bed. get these lashes off. I guess. Anyone have any final questions? For, for no before we all part ways? Yeah. I got, got a question for, for, you know, well, so Danny McIntosh again. Coach Coroner. And, and what would you tell your younger self?

Maybe have to roll back the hands of time. What would you tell your younger self? What would you tell your younger baby girl and say, Hey you this, you need to know this now because you can accelerate whatever. You just, whatever you’re. That What is that? What is those steps? That’s a hard one. That’s hard because I, here’s the thing.

You, we, we, I, I’m also like the believer in the butterfly effect and everything happens for a reason. So I fell down a lot, a lot. I made a ton of mistakes. Like I, like I said, I was a disaster of a person till I was nearly 30 years old. Okay. . So I could probably go back and change a lot of things. But at 42, I’m a multimillionaire mom of five, happily married you know, successful businesses.

Good God, why would I change anything? You get what I’m saying? But at the same time, I could tell sister, girl, baby, younger version of me a whole lot of stuff. Like, like we would be here all night.

Oh man. Love that. Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank you. Nice. Thank you. Well, yeah, we got our own journey. This is basically what I’m saying. So I feel like we all have our journey. This, that was mine. I, I, and I, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love that. Well, thank you so much, Noel. Thank you guys. This was a great conversation.