Mission Matters: How to Build and Foster Company Culture?

In this show, Chirag Sagar Presents Mission Matters: How to Build and Foster Company Culture?

Entrepreneurs often hear about fostering culture and community. The question is how do we get about doing this? How do we change people’s habits from what they have been used to? If you’re developing company culture, how do you get started? During this dialogue, we explore the various ways people foster company culture. 

Show Notes:

  • What is Company Culture?
  • How to Start the Process in Building the Company Culture?
  • What are some Qualities of Good Company Cultures that you’re Implementing in the Business?
  • How Do You Foster the Change in Culture in the Industry?
  • Good Examples of Company Cultures  that Business can Learn from
  • How Culture is Relevant to Startups and Early Stage Businesses?

Mission Matters Authors Attended:

  • Chirag Sagar
  • Christy Morrell-Stinson
  • Joanna Pineda
  • Denley McIntosh
  • Rodney Campbell

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