Modern Day Patient Journey with Noel Coleman

Adam Torres and Noel Coleman discuss the patient journey.

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Show Notes:

The patient journey in healthcare has at times lagged progress in other industries. With innovation, this is changing for many healthcare providers. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Noel Coleman, President of Enterprise at Doctor.com, explore the patient journey and what Doctor.com is doing to improve the patient experience.

About Noel Coleman

Building frictionless, scalable and resilient revenue engines is Noel Coleman’s passion. His specialty is creating and launching the customer-centric solutions and teams that drive successful change in start-up and turnaround situations. Fusing deep sales, marketing, product strategy and operations expertise, He unlocked opportunities that drive market share and consistently spur multi-million-dollar growth. A powerful influencer and intuitive relationship builder, Noel Coleman builds, empowers and leads high performance sales organizations and collaborations that ensure business success.

About Doctor.com

Doctor.com empowers healthcare organizations to deliver a better customer experience at every step of the patient journey. As the universal source of truth and system of record for managing consumer-facing provider data across the industry, Doctor.com provides the critical infrastructure and integrations necessary to enable modern digital experiences for patients. Doctor.com clients benefit from best-in-class provider data, turnkey physician-to-patient engagement, and seamless integrations with the most prominent healthcare directories, search engines, social media platforms, and EHR/PM systems. As a result, thousands of clients, including leading brands in the life sciences industry, 200+ leading hospitals and health systems, and 30,000+ private practices, have been empowered by Doctor.com to enhance their digital presence and credibility, increase patient trust, and grow their business.

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