Molé Mama Serves Up Treats with Diana Silva

Adam Torres and Diana Silva discuss Molé Mama’s food and inspiration.

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Show Notes:

Readers and listeners beware! We can NOT be held responsible for the hunger that will arise after consuming Molé Mama’s content. In this episode, Adam Torres and Diana Silva, Founder at Molé Mama, explore mexican cooking at it’s finest.

About Molé Mama

Hola & Welcome Amigas & Amigos! Molé Mama is a San Diego-based author, home chef, vlogger, speaker, and podcaster.

She grew up on a California Dairy Farm, and has always loved to COOK and EAT! Molé Mama loves cheese, ice cream, and is leading an effort to make chorizo a new food group.

Molé Mama’s most cherished kitchen tool is her Abuelita’s magical molcajete, and she uses it every day!

Crunchy tacos stuffed with creamy mashed potatoes are her all-time favorite taco, and she loves hosting taco parties!

Her favorite recipe ingredients include potatoes, avocados, cilantro, limes, garlic, onions, and all types of PEPPERS! And she prefers cooking with real ingredients, no low fat, over-processed foods in her recipes!

She loves to BBQ – Santa Maria Style on Oakwood, slow roasted with homemade marinades and rubs! In addition to Mexican food, she loves Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian food and all types of seafood!