Molly T.’s Innovative Sports Bras with Molly O’Connor

Adam Torres and Molly O’Connor discuss Molly T. 

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Show Notes:

The sports bra market is ready for innovation. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Molly O’Connor, Founder & CEO at Molly T., explore how Molly T.’s sports bra that goes from low to high-impact in one design aims to fill a gap in the sports bra market.   

About Molly O’Connor

Molly O’Connor builds brand strategies that resonate with obvious and not-so-obvious audiences through clever copy, standout messaging, and a little humor to drive business goals for companies bringing good to the world.

Over the course of my career, Molly O’Connor led the branding and content strategy on hundreds of pre and post-launch initiatives across e-commerce, retail, lifestyle, and consumer electronics verticals for companies such as Moov, goTenna, Future Family, YesVideo, TRIPP, Jumpcut and more.

About Molly T.

Molly T. is a first of its kind patented sports bra that adjusts to all levels of activity and support needs, in one design. We want women to feel confident working out, equipped to go all out without fear of pain, sag or strain — not to mention drawing any unwanted attention. That’s why Molly T. matches your movement whether you’re walking, running, PMS, breastfeeding and more. Because breasts fluctuate and regular sports bras don’t. With Molly T., you can be noticed for the right reasons.