Mom & Former Tech Exec Lauren Wells turns Mortgage Note Guru

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From high tech sales to mom of two growing generational wealth through mortgage note investing, Lauren Wells has carved her own path in real estate.

After years in the high-tech industry, planning to build her wealth through company shares, Lauren realized there was a better, more lucrative way right in front of her. She decided to give real estate a try.

Lauren started as a fix-and-flip investor by buying foreclosure property from the courthouse auctions and renting properties back to her foreclosed occupants.

Eventually, this savvy full-time working mom of two realized she did not have to manage a property and switched to more creative mortgage note investing and built a portfolio of dozens of mortgage notes.

Lauren Wells leads the strategic evaluation of market research and implementation and heads business strategies for Seveney Mortgage Note Investments, bringing over 10 years of business development, sales, and project management experience to the company. Lauren has been a real estate investor since 2010. During this time, she has helped grow and manage a portfolio of over 100 assets which include both residential real estate and mortgage notes.

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