Mom-Owned Businesses (MOB) Successfully Launches San Diego Chapter with Katie Malone

Adam Torres and Katie Malone discuss the San Diego MOB chapter.

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Show Notes:

Having a great network of like minded professionals can mean the difference between success and failure in business. That is exactly what the San Diego chapter of Mom-owned Businesses offers. In this episode, Adam Torres and Katie Malone, CEO and Founder of Katie Malone Marketing, explore how Mom-owned Businesses are helping its members thrive.

About Katie Malone 

I help companies cultivate an impactful digital presence, allowing them to CONNECT and ENGAGE with their audience, to build lasting brand awareness and achieve (or exceed) revenue goals.

Whether your goals are an increased social follower growth, brand awareness, increased traffic or engagement with content, I am your social media and digital content expert so you can focus on what YOU DO BEST. I have extensive experience working both freelance and with agencies and provide agency-quality work at reasonable rates. 

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