More in Common is on a Mission to Empower Leaders Across the Globe

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Show Notes: 

More in Common is on a mission to break 1,000,000 people out of their echo chambers through productive human connection. In this episode, Adam Torres and Keith Richardson, Co-Founder of More in Common. Explore the More in Common story and plans for expansion.

About Keith Richardson

The mission is to anchor humanity in compassionate conversation. Keith has the ability to simplify the complex for others to understand. With that, he has been able to create some basic structures to help others on his mission. 

Keith has worked with some amazing teams, for some amazing leaders, across many different functional groups. This experience has finally allowed him to leverage his degree in psychology to develop programs for organizations to use based on two core principles: Simplicity and Sustainability. 

Keith’s experience at Microsoft has certainly allowed him to develop many different skills: Contract negotiation, business development and technical knowledge. He’s had the opportunity to manage organizations of all sizes and help partners develop their transition to building on cloud services. Having different roles from Account Executive, Licensing Specialist, Data and AI Specialist and Partner Development. These experiences have given him a broad perspective on business and the impact of different roles within an organization. 

Also, hosting the More In Common Podcast has provided Keith the opportunity and privilege to practice the framework consistently. Allowing him to really build a muscle of compassion through connection.

About More in Common

More in Common’s sole purpose is to drive productive human connection across cultures, backgrounds, and disparate viewpoints by anchoring people in COMPASSIONATE CONVERSATION through honest, insightful and thought-provoking communication!

The M.O.R.E. approach help organizations address their hidden issues by creating productive emotional experiences that are designed to build an environment of trust, accelerate growth, drive collaboration, and reduce attrition. 

People and organizations want to drive productive human CONNECTION, so individuals can be seen, heard and valued. When people are seen, heard and valued they begin to lift their veil of ignorance and break out of their echo chambers.

By working with MORE IN COMMON’s tools and techniques that are designed to drive honest, insightful, open, thought-provoking, and compassionate communication, people are empowered to become catalysts for replacing judgmental behavior with incremental acts of understanding.