Moving from Surviving to Thriving by Tuning Your Leadership “Instrument” with Jennifer Simpson

Adam Torres and Jennifer Simpson discuss what it takes to succeed.

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Show Notes:

Moving from surviving to thriving is sometimes easier said than done. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jennifer Simpson, CEO at Integrated Work, explore what it takes to thrive in today’s economy.

About Jennifer Simpson

Jennifer believes that conversations create their future and help leaders leverage the power of every interaction to transform their organizations for the better. She has developed and delivered high-ROI projects in business areas including: Finance, Human Resources, Service Operations, IT, Global Operations, and Executive Management in a wide range of Fortune 500 and Global Philanthropic organizations. They promise a minimum 10X returns in high-stakes engagements. Her lifework is to create a world where individuals thrive in healthy, rewarding, and successful organizations and communities.

About Integrated Work

Integrated Work designs on-the-job leadership development programs. Their clients are mission-driven leaders, investing in fulfilling their company purpose while strengthening  their employee relationships, business strategy, customer loyalty, and community engagement. Their role is to accelerate the positive impact Their clients create by growing their leadership capacity. Constantly shifting priorities, challenges, and windows of opportunity require that innovative and aligned leaders work in collaboration.

The real work experiences employees face can be leveraged as a learning “laboratory” for personal and professional growth. Some examples of their past work for mission-driven clients include training staff on how to facilitate well; holding group coaching sessions to teach on-the-job leadership development; hosting peer learning groups for community health centers and their associations; and facilitating staff and board retreats for diverse groups in public service.

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