Music Producer Esther Anaya Creates Unique EDM Vibe With Snoop Dogg Scribing Lyrics for Anaya’s BAYC

Vocalist, DJ and Composer, Esther Anaya’s vision to disrupt expectations of Electronic Dance Music creates a crossover with danceable hip hop rhythms

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Classic violins, amazing vocals and electric beats are a few of the mind-altering musical journey that Esther Anaya’s fans have come to know and dance themselves into a mind and body journey with music like no other.

Last month, Anaya debuted her new single BAYC  (Bored Ape Yacht Club) at the Las Vegas luxury hotspot, Resorts World’s Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is consistently bringing a new spin to her craft and it landed her a newly appointed, headlining, one-year DJ residency. Get ready for your day and night to take you on an expedition discovering new places. Anaya’s audience is about to get introduced to something brilliant. Always looking to create new and unexpected sounds, Anaya is bringing a hybrid between rap and Electronic Dance Music (EDM). “The crowd reaction was so receptive and a confirmation that this song is going to be awesome,” said Anaya. So, Esther Anaya Live (EAL) is an imperative on your Las Vegas social scene checklist. She will be performing all year and fans will become more devoted.

As a veteran in the music industry, her insight for the next collaboration brought her to someone that she admired the most in the rap world: Snoop Dogg!

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Anaya produces and sings BAYC, while Snoop Dogg pens the lyrics

Snoop wrote the lyrics for the acapella portions of the song in his own distinct style. “Baseline so fine” is one of Anaya’s favorite lyrics because the baseline is a major factor in the success of a song, she said. She added that “A dope baseline drives the song. BAYC has a unique sound in the drop…that makes the large room drop! It makes you put your hands up,” she said with excitement.

BAYC’s beats are groovy and done in a happy key according to Anaya. She emphasizes that  “the old-school rapping of Snoop Dogg, with his swag” adds to the feel-good vibes of this song. “It’s a hybrid song where you can hear organically, how rap meets with the current EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre. He was inspiration for the track. I admire his craft. He is timeless and sustainable…and his initiative with his involvement in Web3,” she reflected peaked her interest.

Fun lyrics and the desire to get her audience up and dancing with the positive energy of house music is part of her inspiration for BAYC. However, there is another. “I wanted to create a Bored Ape anthem, for this [Web3] community.”

She expanded further stating that she would also like to be known as a “Latina introducing Web3 music collaboration…And as a female and Latina, representing and owning Board Ape, I want to bring this to the forefront into Web3,” said Anaya. Through this next-generation web ecosystem, Anaya feels that she is helping her community by “giving access to share music worldwide and inspire artists to have a stake ownership in their talent in a Web3 world.

What’s Next for Anaya?

Her next live performance is at Ayu Dayclub and Zouk Nightclub in Las Vegas in May 2022. It is sure to leave music lovers in a state of harmonious bliss when she performs BAYC and other fan favorites like Lost in Paradise.  “When I perform live, I add the violins. So, the fans get a little something extra,” Anaya said. As she looks ahead to what she hopes for her fans, “I want to bring a feeling of iconic, yet new hip-hop music with the energizing, positive energy of house music.” 

She is also looking forward to producing more music with Snoop Dogg and his music label.

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