Music Therapy and Game-based Rehabilitation with Brian A. Femminella

Adam Torres and Brian Femminella discuss music therapy and game-based rehabilitation.

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Show Notes:

Music therapy and game-based rehabilitation has the potential to help many suffering from mental health related issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In this episode,  Adam Torres and Brian A. Femminella, Founder & CEO of SoundMind Solutions, explore the apps that SoundMind Solutions is creating and the problems they aim to solve.

About Brian Femminella


Motivated by our nation’s sovereignty and politics, coupled with technological innovation, he dream of leading impactful organizations and practices to help others make a difference in their lives. He’s an incoming Junior at the University of Southern California with a double major in Intelligence and Cyber Operations and Political Science. He’s also proud to be serving as an ROTC Cadet in the United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps at USC’s Trojan Battalion.

Since his freshman year of college, he began conducting research on creating technological tools and music therapy to help PTSD victims after witnessing close friends, colleagues, and his battle buddies suffer from this horrific mental health condition. In January 2020, he founded his own startup [SoundMind Solutions], a research-driven team focused on creating the world’s next revolutionary mobile application that aims to help those dealing with PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), depression, and more. hecurrently serve as the company’s Founder & CEO.

He’s proud to have had multiple experiences in the political, military, technological, and research fields. Most recently, he served as a Legislative Intern with the Office of the Majority Whip James E. Clyburn on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., working with one of the most respected offices in Congress. Previously, he served as a United States Army Cadet Command Intern, where he visited bases across the country to document the lives of military officials and soldiers. And currently, he is a Medical Virtual Reality Technologies Intern with the USC Institute for Creative Technologies.

As one who aspires to run for public office to serve and represent the American people and its democracy, he value effective leadership, risk-taking, impact, strong communication, and pride in surrounding himself with inspiring individuals who shape who he is.

One can find him constantly reading up on the latest political and international relations news. During his free time, he enjoy SoulCycle, skydiving (crazy? a bit), adventuring with his friends, and traveling to visit new places and to meet new people.

About SoundMind Solutions

In a world of dangers and obstacles, PTSD is real and deadly. Many struggle with the effects of physical and mental trauma – whether from combat, accidents, or sexual violence. With no widely available solution for PTSD, our team realized the need for SoundMind to create a safe and beneficial space for those in need. Victims of trauma need a solution that they can reliably count on. At SoundMind, we want to modernize the way that patients are able to receive the help they need. Our team of innovators and creators is constantly pushing to ensure that those with PTSD are not forgotten.

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