My Giveaways – Mills on the Mic

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In this episode of the Mills on the Mic podcast, Host Jen Mills talks about various giveaways that she has hosted in the past and shares some great stories about them. These stories also include the weekly and monthly game giveaways, exciting prizes, giveaways for the Charges community, and raffle giveaways for foundation. This is a great episode that everyone can watch and listen to and enjoy

  • Variety of Giveaways
  • Weekly and Monthly Game Giveaways
  • What Kind of Giveaway items you like?
  • Rashawn Slater’s signed Football
  • Giveback to Community
  • Bolt Fam and Chargers Community
  • Reasons why Jen is sending Giveaways
  • Raffle Giveaway for Foundation
  • Raising Fund
  • Game Tickets
  • South End Zone

Connect With Jen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferMills21