My Process to Becoming a Better Podcaster by Adam Torres

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been on a journey of self reflection asking myself one simple question: “How can I become a better podcaster.” As more students join our Podcast School I’m faced with the task of constantly improving my skills to become a better coach.

Why am I telling you this? I wanted to share my process of how I’ve improved skills in an area in the past and how I’m using this process currently. Maybe you will find it helpful in whatever you are pursing.  

When I was a financial advisor, I read 100+ books in only a few years. In every book, it seems the author always referenced at least one book that inspired them. My process was to then read that book. Simple. The list of books grew as did my expertise. This process of immersion was so intense I was having meetings talking about investments in my sleep. Ha! True story.


Now I’m taking the same approach for improving as a podcaster. I never realized how many great books exist from legends in the media.

My first read, “Howard Stern Comes Again” has been a treasure trove of useful information. Btw, whether you like his content or not (some I like, some is not in my taste) isn’t the point. It’s picking up on his process that counts. For example, did you know he has a team that researches his guests before the show? He takes the extensive notes they create and writes about 10 pages of his own notes. Then about 10 minutes before the interview, he has someone read him back his notes. THIS is why he can do a one hour interview without looking at his notes once. In my mind, I thought he just had this amazing recall memory. Nope. Mystery solved. That one bit of knowledge is gold.

How does this apply to your life? Well, I don’t know. But I can say, if you are exploring something new, this process of immersion in focused content can work for you. Grab books, audiobooks, videos or whatever you can get your hands on from experts you admire. Then absorb what content inspired them on their journey. It’s a formula that never gets old. 

Oh, and yes the process of immersion is working for me again. I actually had an entire night of interviews in my sleep last week. Woke up so tired, but it was worth it to know I’m on the right path. Btw, if you do want to learn more about our Podcast School, where I host weekly group Q&A calls, you can find info here.

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