Natalie Standridge and her Entrepreneurial Journey of Transforming the Early Ed Industry

Natalie Standridge, Founder & Franchisor of Casa de Corazón, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres. 

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Entrepreneurs don’t look for solutions, they create them–just as Natalie Standridge, Founder & Franchisor of Casa de Corazón, did in her extensive entrepreneurial journey of revolutionizing the early education domain. In this insightful interview, Natalie highlights the importance of having a goal-oriented approach and shares her experiences of building an enterprise from scratch. 

The Accidental Entrepreneur

While talking about her initial days, Natalie reveals that she had never planned to become an entrepreneur. Having studied Family Social Science in College and being a Spanish Preschool teacher later, Natalie had no formal education in business and operations. When she was on her hunt for finding an apt day care for her daughter, the unhealthy food being served at many day cares came to her notice, and that’s when the idea for Casa de Corazón was conceived!

As a firm problem solver, Natalie considers it important for people to bridge the visible gaps in the market. Laying supreme emphasis on the value of creation, she loves to think of solutions from the viewpoint of, “if this doesn’t exist, maybe I can create it!”

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Success In Two Languages–And New Technology

With the core values of pioneering interculturality and healthy and holistic impact, Casa de Corazón has been progressing forward with the sole intent of providing the best care to all. Having a bilingual curriculum with templates in English and Spanish has opened opportunities for all families who wish to have a constructive upbringing of their children. 

Natalie also discusses the childcare company’s mobile app, which has two distinct platforms–one for day care owners and staff managers and one for families with enrolled and waitlisted children. Supported by advanced technology, both sides of the app provide real-time status reports and shared resources for Casa de Corazón’s people.

Building a Cultured Community

One of the initial challenges Natalie faced was the formation of dedicated staff to work with. Different personalities and varying educational backgrounds posed a tough challenge, but with sheer vigor, she built an astounding team. Natalie saw it as a blessing to become a bridge between different cultures, leading to wonderful outcomes by the vital teacher-family associations. 

Casa de Corazón holds an eminently respectful approach towards culture and pays utmost attention to its inclusion in childcare environments. It also offers a sponsorship program that offers teachers from varying nations a temporary position at Casa to instill the significance of their culture. 

Expansion Mode

Natalie wishes to expand the business further and get driven, like-minded people on board who are aligned to their mission and believe in the idea. Casa de Corazón is now open to having dedicated franchisees who are ready to take on this passionate commitment to childcare. 

Franchise owners not only get to work in high-end childcare facilities, they also have access to unique perks. These include constant app monitoring access, sharing of established templates, and exchanging the tested recipes of baby foods–minimizing the hassle of starting a business from scratch. “Quality comes from being present,” shares Natalie.


Casa de Corazón® is a Spanish immersion early learning program committed to providing socially responsible education to our children in a healthy, compassionate, intercultural environment. It holds the vision to intentionally increase the social impact of early childhood education through impeccable standards of professional development, honest communication, mutual respect, community engagement, accountability, and innovation in a supportive and caring learning environment.

To learn more about the organization, visit Casa de Carazón or follow them on Instagram