Navigate the Investment Jungle: Seven Common Financial Traps and How to Sidestep Them with Author Douglas Stone

Adam Torres and Doug Stone discuss Douglas’ new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Douglas Stone, Wealth Advisor at SeaCrest Wealth Management and Author of Navigate the Investment Jungle: Seven Common Financial Traps and How to Sidestep Them, explore Douglas’ new book.

About Doug Stone

Doug Stone’s experience has taught him that a focused, Core-Asset-Based-Strategy has the best chance of achieving the desired results that investors are seeking.

This approach manages the risk that investors often struggle with namely, loss of principal. Without a disciplined approach people are often left basing investment decisions on whimsical or irrational emotions.

There are really only four main objectives in your investment life, Building Wealth, Protecting Wealth, Distributing Wealth and Transferring Wealth. To achieve those goals you need an advisor you can trust.First and foremost Doug Stone’s  goal is to earn that trust every day.

About SeaCrest Wealth Management

SeaCrest Wealth Management is a national, SEC-regulated Registered Investment Advisor, providing an independent platform for professional advisors. Headquartered in Purchase, NY, SeaCrest Wealth Management has a presence in 14 locations, and is looking to add offices throughout the United States.

Our role is to partner with successful advisors to build the business that they have always envisioned. We assist in building a business that reflects an advisor’s core beliefs and those of their clients. At SeaCrest, we make sure that a transition to independence goes smoothly to eliminate surprises that might occur when moving an advisor’s most important assets: their clients.

SeaCrest Wealth Advisors experience the feel of independence while partnering their business with ours. When you join SeaCrest, you receive a high payout and the ability to earn equity in our growing company. Utilizing Schwab Advisory Services as our primary platform, we provide a strong compliance environment to satisfy our regulatory requirements.

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